Friday, January 30, 2015

Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin Questioned if God Really Existed

Now, of course a lot of us Christians have had so many difficulties in life, it does not surprise us that Kirk Franklin allegedly admits he questioned if God really existed. However, his reason had to do with the rules and regulations within the church world.  If course, we all feel different and have our own reasons for wondering if God really exist from time to time, but really, possibly the way the some church people may enforce rules, according to the Bible may make one feel as though God may not love them, not just wonder if He exist.  According to, musician Kirk Franklin has opened up about how Christian subculture—rules, dress codes and worship and sermon standards—caused him to question if God even existed.  We are so very glad Kirk Franklin did not become an atheist and knows God is very real.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gospel Music Artist Pastor Marvin Sapp Opens about About Love on Instagram

Not many pastors discuss what real love is, but it takes a true man of God to fully express what it means.  Pastor Marvin Sapp expressed how many people may say I love you, but their actions fail to add up to it, in his own words.   According to, Pastor Marvin Sapp shared: "Many use it as a manipulative tool to get what they think they want. However I wonder while using them do we really understand the depth of what has been uttered from our mouths," he wrote. "'I Love You' to me means total commitment, the giving of ones all, losing out on some [of] your desires in order to grant theirs."  

Yes, it hurts deeply when you don't feel love from a person who always claims they love you, but they have to pay for not giving out what they speak.  Let us praise God for Pastor Marvin Sapp's message.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Christian Music Artist Carmen Reflects On Surviving Cancer Treatments

Legendary Christian music artist shares his testimony of how God has blessed him to yet live, after cancer. He expressed himself on his Twitter account and even shared some personal photos.  Praise the Lord, this maestro is still here to tell what God has done for him.  According to, Carman Licciardello, popular Christian recording artist and actor, has shared in an online post how he believes God’s grace helped him endure the painful journey of cancer treatment, to eventually find himself “cancer-free.”  In the meantime, we will continue to keep Carmen in our prayers.   Thanks for reading Repent Gospel Artist and God bless you dear readers!!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Gospel Artist DeWayne Woods Set To Release New Album, 'Life Lessons'

Dewayne Woods is about to bless us again with his new album, 'Life Lessons'.  One of the reasons why we highly respect this great gospel artist, is simply because he allegedly shared his personal testimony of deliverance some years ago.  Really, whenever gospel artist has a testimony to share within their songs, we are truly blessed, because we know they can relate to us.  According to, Singer, songwriter, and producer DeWayne Woods is set to release brand new music! The new effort, titled Life Lessons, is his third release and his first project in four years. Titled Life Lessons, the new project is due in stores Feb. 3.  We can't wait to hear his new gospel cd.  Thanks for reading Repent Gospel Artists and God bless you.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Newsboys Co-Founder, George Perdikis Allegedly Renounces Christ, Says ‘He is Now An Atheist’

In general, hardships in life may make a person no longer believe in God, after serving Him.  Of course, it hurts us to say this, but it's the truth.  When you look at the people in the world, specifically celebrities who do not know Christ, it appears as though they have an easier way to go, than the average Christian.   As a Christian, often times it seems like God is not with us. However, we must realize it's only a test that we must constantly pass. Satan often speaks to us and ask us, if God is real, because we have endured such a struggle, but the Devil is a lie.  In the case of this ex-Christian music artist, George Perdikis, he no longer believes in Jesus Christ.

According to, he Newsboys is one of the most popular Christian bands ever—most recently reminding fans why with the hit theme song for the movie God’s Not Dead that tackles atheism head on. That’s one more reason why it’s so disturbing that one of its co-founders, George Perdikis, has renounced Christ and embraced a godless worldview. 

It's a dangerous thing to deny Jesus Christ and embrace the world, after our lives are over we must stand before the judge.  We must withstand and endure all obstacles we face as Christians, no matter how much we are judged, misunderstood, or who wrongfully judges us.  Let us keep George Perdikis in our prayers.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pastor Jason Nelson, Gospel Artist Talks About New Album

Pastor Jason Nelson opens up about his new gospel album.  God is using Pastor Nelson, simply because we have heard no other man or woman of God who are gospel artists, admitting they are creating gospel songs to glorify God in this era when Christianity is becoming unpopular, specifically.  Think about it, we need more gospel artists to seek God more than ever before, because in this country and even abroad, we are in a spiritual battle for our freedom to serve and worship God.  Therefore, whenever creating gospel songs, gospel artists should allow the Holy Spirit to use to them to create a shift that is going to inspire and empower our freedom to serve Him as He desires.  According to, Jason Nelson has made a name for himself in the gospel music industry for 10 years, but the preacher, singer and songwriter believes his latest album is a divine assignment during a time when Christianity is becoming increasingly unpopular.  We look forward to hearing Pastor Jason Nelson's songs.  Thanks for reading RGA and God bless you.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gospel Artist Ricky Dillard Nominated for 10 Stellar Awards

Not too long ago, gospel music artist Ricky Dillard allegedly talked about quitting New G, and we are so glad he kept doing what he does best, creating and directing good gospel songs.  Now, he has been nominated for 10 Stellar Awards.  We just want to congratulate him, so many great legends have passed on.  Why not do it while we still have him with us?

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Gospel Artist Fred Hammond to Debut “Cain & Able” Stage Play In Dallas, Texas in February

Inspiring gospel artist, Fred Hammond is bringing his talent to a stage play, "Cain and Able."  This will be very interesting to seem him acting, but of course, we always knew he was also gifted to do other things and we can't wait to see him in this stage play.  According to, is officially debuting his new stage play, "Cain & Able" which will grace Dallas, Texas theaters next month.  If you're not in the Dallas area, it doesn't hurt to buy your tickets ahead of time, here.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Gospel Artist, Erica Campbell's Husband Relieved After Heart Attack Scare, Thanks Fans for Prayers

We thank God for Erica Campbell's testimony, regarding her husband.  He could be in bad health right now, but all it was, was gas.  At first, Warryn Campbell, 39, thought he was experiencing a heart attack. but According to, Warryn, the husband of Mary Mary singer Erica Campbell, took to Instagram to give fans his testimony about his recent health scare.  God bless and thanks for reading RGA.

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Legendary Gospel Artist, Pastor Andrae Crouch Passes Away at 72

Legendary gospel artist, Pastor Andrae Crouch has went home to be with God.   As many of you know, he had been sick and his twin sister, Sandra was asking for everyone to pray and have faith.  However, God knows best.  According to, the 7-times Grammy Award winner died at around 4:30pm on Thursday at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in the Los Angeles area. In the meantime, we are praying for Pastor Andrae Crouch's twin, Sandra Crouch.  Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

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Listen to Gospel Artist, Erica Campbell's Anointed Gospel Song, "A Little More Jesus"

For the first time, we really enjoyed Erica Campbell singing on TBN.  In case you haven't heard her new hit gospel song, it's called 'A Little More Jesus.'  Really, this is song stirs the souls and makes you feel closer to God, regardless of personal trials you may face in your life.   You've got to take time and hear it for yourself, be blessed.  Thanks for reading RGA, God bless you.

Listen to 'A Little More Jesus'

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sandra Crouch Ask For Continued Prayer for Her Twin, Andrae Crouch

The legendary gospel artist, Andrae Crouch has been ill and as he is surrounded by medical care.  Now his twin sister Sandra is asking for continued prayer.  Pastor Andrae Crouch has been blessing us for many years and we want to hear more of his creative songs for many more years to come.  Therefore, we will pray for God to miraculously heal him.

According to, this is what Sandra Crouch said:

“At this time, Andrae’ is being attended to by a medical team, and we are so grateful for their wonderful care,” Sandra said. “We are also so grateful for the many thousands of people around the world who are praying for Andrae’ right now. We ask for your continued prayer that Andrae’ will respond positively to the medical attention being given to him at this time, and that he will fully recover from this current health complication."
In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Andrae Crouch and his twin, Co-Pastor Sandra Crouch in our prayers.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gospel Artist, JJ Hairston Is the New Director of Music at Pastor Joel Peebles Church

JJ Hairston has now accepted the position for Director of Music at Pastor Joel Peebles Church.  We will say, the City of Praise Family Ministries must be doing really good, to be able to hire such an inspiring gospel artist?  We know, many souls will be saved through his music as they flock to hear Pastor Joel Peebles preach the Word of God.  Congratulations to JJ Hairston and also to City of Praise Family Ministries.

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