Sunday, April 26, 2015

BET Announce The Benediction For ‘Bobby Jones Gospel’! It's Time to Rejoice!!

For 35 years, Dr. Bobby Jones allegedly robbed gospel music of its substance.   After the death of the late Rev. James Cleveland we've seen him promote hip hop gospel, which diminished God's anointing. Many gospel artists were creating music for the world and not necessarily to win souls into God's Kingdom.  After the death of Rev. Cleveland, he real gospel music to become obsolete, allegedly.  We are rejoicing, for bridging the gap shall be a closed chapter.

According to The Old Black Church and internet rumors, BET has reported that the upcoming 35th season of Bobby Jones Gospel will be its last. 

We will give you further updates on Bobby Jones show coming to an end, if necessary.

Source and Photo: The Old Black Church


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