Sunday, March 22, 2015

After 64 Years in Church Music Ministry, Dr. Margaret Douroux, Retires

Many of you who grew up on real gospel music recall Dr. Margaret Pleasant Douroux.  She sang with various gospel greats and has known some very well-known people in gospel music industry: Rev. James Cleveland, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Donald Vails, The Barrett Sisters and many others, .  

According to,  Dr. Douroux was minister of music and adult choir director for the Mount Moriah Baptist Church of Los Angeles for five years and minister of music and choir director for the Greater New Bethel Baptist Church in Inglewood for more than 30 years.  

Many of you in this era of gospel music for the past 20 years need to appreciate those who sang under the anointing or else you would never know the difference.  Most songs that are sung today are not created under the anointing of God, because too many gospel artists are creating songs to sound like secular music to sell records, not call people unto repentance. We agree with Kirk Franklin, it's time for gospel artists to go back to singing songs about the cross.  It's sad that the younger generation today knows nothing about this great woman, Dr. Margaret Douroux.

You can see Dr. Douroux singing next to Donald Vails as he plays the piano while surrounded by various gospel music artists on this following video.

Watch Video
Photo and Video: PrazHymn83


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