Monday, March 30, 2015

30th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards Featured Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Knowles-Carter: It's Not Gospel Anymore!!!

We were just thinking that the time has come for us to put an end to gospel music.   We do not think there should such a thing as gospel music anymore, because there is no longer a separation from the world. At the 30th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards the members of Destiny's Child performed, but we are sure God was not pleased.  One of the biggest reasons why this is offensive, is not just because these are music entertainers from the world, but-Beyonce is married to Jay-z who is an alleged Luciferian and so is she, allegedly, according to the following videos. If we can no longer keep gospel music holy, then shut it all down, immediately.  We want no more of it!!

Watch Video

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Source: The Old Black Church

BET's 'Sunday Best' Premiering New All-Star Format

If you to see who is going to win on the next "Sunday Best.", you can stay up to date on BET's website.   A lot of you can play a role in the voting process, which is something very different than usual. 

According to, Instead of going through an audition process, fans will vote for the all-stars that they would like to see return for another chance of winning "Sunday Best." The voting process will begin online Wed, April 1 at 3 p.m. ET on BET's website.

We will keep you posted on any further updates, if necessary.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pastor Don Shelby Jr. and Family on 'Preachers of Detroit': COGIC???

We are going to start this post off by informing you that it's very wrong for this COGIC family to judge Bishop Corletta Vaughn for her position in the ministry and is not living up to the standard of pure holiness.  If you have been watching 'Preachers of Detroit', you will recall Pastor Don Shelby Jr discussing the name of his children's gospel group, 'The Shelby Five', (as stated on their church website, (Burning Bush International).  First of all, why do they have to model the name similar to 'The Jackson Five, a secular family group?  Why can't the Shelby children allow God to give a name that not only represents complete holiness, but also originality.  

To be honest with you, we've been holding off discussing the issue with this family since 'Preachers of Detroit' Episode 1, but we must finally give you our opinion.   Whenever there was a discussion in the presence of Bishop Corletta Vaughn or without her being present, First Lady Bonita Shelby allegedly mentions in her own words she believes in standing by her man, not being in the forefront. As a COGIC woman since she has such a traditional value as the first lady, why is she and Pastor Don Shelby allowing their children to perform in such a worldly fashion?

Yes, we watched the latest episode of 'Preachers of Detroit' and there was no anointing whatsoever.  Their children were stepping like they were in a nightclub.   We are tired of the hypocrisy of some COGIC people.   We sincerely think we would not have such a problem with carnality among gospel artists, if parents would stop supporting their children's contemporary music. God is not pleased and neither one, Pastor Don nor his wife Bonita, including their daughters can judge Bishop Corletta Vaughn being a female bishop, not unless they get their household right.   Their children do not represent a standard of pure holiness and it doesn't matter to us if they are being backed up by gospel artist, Evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole. What we say about the Shelby's goes for her too, she cannot judge Bishop Corletta Vaughn's position in ministry, if her music or performance is not holy.

There children were singing about 'Tear Down these Walls Lord'.  They want Him to tear them down, they better pray for some anointing first. Furthermore, they don't need to be doing all this dancing with all the fatal issues they've got going on in the city of Detroit.  These children need to be getting serious, not half-stepping in God's Kingdom.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

After 64 Years in Church Music Ministry, Dr. Margaret Douroux, Retires

Many of you who grew up on real gospel music recall Dr. Margaret Pleasant Douroux.  She sang with various gospel greats and has known some very well-known people in gospel music industry: Rev. James Cleveland, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Donald Vails, The Barrett Sisters and many others, .  

According to,  Dr. Douroux was minister of music and adult choir director for the Mount Moriah Baptist Church of Los Angeles for five years and minister of music and choir director for the Greater New Bethel Baptist Church in Inglewood for more than 30 years.  

Many of you in this era of gospel music for the past 20 years need to appreciate those who sang under the anointing or else you would never know the difference.  Most songs that are sung today are not created under the anointing of God, because too many gospel artists are creating songs to sound like secular music to sell records, not call people unto repentance. We agree with Kirk Franklin, it's time for gospel artists to go back to singing songs about the cross.  It's sad that the younger generation today knows nothing about this great woman, Dr. Margaret Douroux.

You can see Dr. Douroux singing next to Donald Vails as he plays the piano while surrounded by various gospel music artists on this following video.

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Photo and Video: PrazHymn83

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gospel Artist, Evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole Mourns the Loss of Her Father-In-Law Cleveland Cole

We just want to say we are very sorry for the loss of Dorinda Clark Cole's father in-law, Cleveland Cole.   Although, he lived to be 85 years old, we can imagine it's very painful that he suddenly passed away.  Evangelist Dorinda Cole had a lot with her father in-law, singing and music. She will see him again someday.

In a heartfelt Facebook message, the 57-year-old Preachers of Detroit star wrote, 
“To the most remarkable, incredible, sweet, humbled, man I know, Dad you were the epitome of what a father, grandfather, great grandfather, husband, uncle and father-in-law should be.”

The chart-topping vocalist continued, “I am grateful and thankful to God for allowing me to have the best father-in-law that a woman could ask for. We share a couple of the same gifts such as singing and playing. To see you sit down and play the piano at the house gave me so much inspiration to continue to do what I was called to do. You were my inspiration.”
May Cleveland Cole rest in peace.  Our prayers are with Evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole, husband and her family.  God bless.

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Gospel Artist Kierra Sheard to Launch Clothing Line for Full-Figured Women

The last time we posted something about Kierra Sheard, she had allegedly started her own nail salon. Now, she is supposed to be starting her own clothing line for full figure women, "Eleven 60"  We must say she is not allowing her brain to go to waste as the Lord continues to use her voice.

According to, Gospel star Kierra Sheard is looking to change that with the launch of her own fashion line catering to the fabulously full-figured woman.  The company is called “Eleven 60,” which, according to the 27-year-old, is a “clothing line that compliments the thick woman.”

We look forward to seeing Kierra Sheard's new clothing line in stores. God bless.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gospel Artist CeCe Winans Maybe Working With Tommy Sims, Hezekiah Walker for New Album

We don't know or sure, but the latest news is that gospel artist, CeCe Winans is working on a new album, featuring Bishop Hezekiah Walker.   Tommy Sims is a well-known producer and song-writer who has worked with various gospel artists and even some mainstream artists.

According to, CeCe Winans, a Detroit native, was selected as the first signee of Motown Gospel, a merger of Universal Music and EMI.  Her project, originally announced and set for an early 2014 release, was pushed back for undisclosed reasons.

We look forward to hearing Winans new album, we are sure it will be a blessing to our spirits.  God bless you.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

J Moss Explains Free Concert Tour, Hearing God Amid Devastation

J. Moss has created a way to show his appreciation to his fans that have supported him.  He's on tour without accepting any money from his fans. It's wonderful to know that Moss is not just concerned about making money, but he's concerned about showing his fans that he's a caring person.

According to, this is what J. Moss said: 
"We're having a lot of fun on this RV tour, we've deemed March as the give back month. A month that we could somehow find a way to say thank you to all of our supporters that have been there for us throughout the years," Moss told CP. "Whether it's our music that we've written and produced for other artists, whether it's our artists or whether it's ourselves. People who have held us down, we find a way to show them our appreciation."

We wish J. Moss the best and God bless him for his kindness.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Arrangements Announced for Pastor Donnie McClurkin's Sister, Cheryl McClurkin’s Homegoing Service

As many of you know, Pastor Donnie McClurkin just lost his sister, Cheryl McClurkin.   She died of complications from a heart attack.   As we reminded you, he had already lost a sister several years ago and endured the death of his father back in 2013.  We need to hold him up in prayer.

According to, multi award-winning Gospel recording artist, Donnie McClurkin and his Grammy-nominated siblings will say good-bye to their sister, Cheryl “Cheri” McClurkin during a homegoing service and celebration of life on Friday, March 13. The viewing for family and friends will be held from 5pm-7pm at Freedom Chapel, 641 Broadway in Amityville, New York (631)789-5050 and the service will begin at 7pm.

May Cheryl McClurkin rest in peace.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Watch The New Season of Mary Mary, Premeires Thursday, March 5

You know, the more we watch Mary Mary open up about their personal lives, the more love and respect we have for them.  We watched that Devil trying to divide their unity through some people, just watch this following trailer.  We've got to admit, facing their world with your personal problems is courage, these are the most two strongest sisters in America.  

Wow, speaking in tongues, just let the Holy Ghost take over! Wonderful! It's so wonderful how these two pray together, God loves this!

Watch Video


Our Prayers Go Out to Gospel Artist, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, RIP Cheryl McClurkin

We want to send our prayers out to Pastor Donnie McClurkin.  He's just lost another sibling, Cheryl McClurkin.  We know back in 2008, Pastor McClurkin's other sister, Olivia passed away.  Now, Cheryl has just past away after complications of a heart attack.

According to, Cheri was a mother of five and grandmother of nine; she sang and recorded with The McClurkin Family over the years. However, she is best known as a playwright who recently penned her life story in the form of a riveting play entitled, ‘”A Cry for Help” that was produced by her own company, Chronic Productions. The family will ensure that this play lives on in her honor.

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor McClurkin up in prayer.  May Cheryl "Cheri" McClurkin rest in peace.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

R&B Diva Fantasia Writes Her First Gospel Song!

Of course, we've heard Fantasia sing R&B as though she is singing gospel songs.  Therefore, hearing her as a gospel artist, has been long overdue.  The singer who was raised in the church is very anointed and gifted to sing, 'real gospel.'  Allegedly, we even heard her say in her own words on the Bobby Jones Show, if she does a gospel album, it will not be worldly.  She's just announced on Twitter, she's written her first gospel song.  We are very sure God is happy.  Of course, He understands love songs between husbands and wives, but He also wants those who love Him and who are musically talented to dedicate songs about Him, all the time.  We're very proud of her.

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