Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gospel Artist, Kirk Franklin Weighs In On Slaying of 21 Egyptian Christians

Gospel music artist, Kirk Franklin touched on the subject of those Christian being killed by ISIS. In his own words, Franklin reminds us to pray and be grateful. However, we could go much deeper than that, let us not give into excepting the Islamic religion as though it is Christianity, this is where many Christians are losing it.   Let us remember, that if many people of the Islamic faith served our God, then we wouldn't be witnessing what ISIS is doing to Christians, beheading them for serving Jesus Christ.

According to eewmagazine.com, Kirk Franklin tweeted: 
 “Christians being executed in Egypt puts what we go through daily in a different light,” he wrote on Twitter. He then added hastags, "#pray" and "#livegrateful."

Praise God for Kirk Franklin touching on the subject of ISIS.

Source and Photo:  eewmagazine.com
Photo: Getty


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