Friday, February 27, 2015

God Is Using Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin, He Allegedly Says the Prosperity Gospel is Wrong


God has been really using Kirk Franklin.  Recently, we after the late legendary gospel artist, Pastor Andrae Crouch passed away, he allegedly stated that our songs need to go back to the cross, in his own words.  Now, Franklin has allegedly stated that the prosperity gospel is wrong and he even proved it, in concern for those who do not have enough funds to even travel to some churches. 

According to, “If your theology can’t be preached in a third world country, where a Bentley and a Lear jet probably won’t come to the guy who walked four miles to church for prayer, then your theology is wrong,” he wrote.  

God is going to bless Kirk Franklin for his honesty, because the average gospel artist of this era would be afraid to tell the truth, for fear of not being invited as a guest to perform at popular mega churches around the country.


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