Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Choir Directors, Gospel Artists, and the entire Black Church Watch One of Bishop Iona Locke's Best Sermons

Whether you believe in women bishops or not, this woman of God is preaching the truth.  She touches on issues that most preachers are afraid to preach about.   In Bishop Iona Locke's sermon, 'Praise Ye the Lord', Bishop Locke reveals what is going on not only in the gospel music industry, but within many black churches and of course, mega ministries.  

Most church music is very much like the world these days, simply because many preachers are giving permission, for it to occur.   Beloved brothers and sisters, this must stop.  It is time to please the Lord and not those who are just focused on being popular and making money.  You know, worship is suppose to be totally focused on God.  Just listen to how God spoke to Bishop Iona Locke about the worldly dancing and secular music in the church.  God told her, 'we don't mix clean with unclean and holy with unholy.'

If those who are ambassadors, evangelists, pastors, (arch) bishops refuse to correct choir directors, gospel artists and even their managers, then many of our youth will continue to be ignorant of what gospel music really is.  Yes, this means also correcting Mr. Bobby Jones.  Gospel music is not 'classic' or 'old school' as some would want to put an old label on it, but gospel music is authentic, holy and pure.  Therefore, this is the way it should return within the body of Christ and remain that way.  This even goes for worship music in the church.  Furthermore, when you dance like David it ought not to be similar to Beyonce,  Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake, but totally under the anointing and in the Spirit.  Lyrics and the music should not be similar to Jay-z, Lady Gaga or P. Diddy, but only holy and under the full anointing of the Holy Ghost.  Notice in the very beginning how God spoke to Bishop Locke and told her that many of these people who crept in the church to cause unholiness are ordained from the pits of hell.  Too many people are yet dying of AIDS in the church.  ISIS is on the up-rise saints, take heed.  Let's be holy in everything we do.  So, listen, learn, take heed and be blessed.

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