Sunday, January 25, 2015

Newsboys Co-Founder, George Perdikis Allegedly Renounces Christ, Says ‘He is Now An Atheist’

In general, hardships in life may make a person no longer believe in God, after serving Him.  Of course, it hurts us to say this, but it's the truth.  When you look at the people in the world, specifically celebrities who do not know Christ, it appears as though they have an easier way to go, than the average Christian.   As a Christian, often times it seems like God is not with us. However, we must realize it's only a test that we must constantly pass. Satan often speaks to us and ask us, if God is real, because we have endured such a struggle, but the Devil is a lie.  In the case of this ex-Christian music artist, George Perdikis, he no longer believes in Jesus Christ.

According to, he Newsboys is one of the most popular Christian bands ever—most recently reminding fans why with the hit theme song for the movie God’s Not Dead that tackles atheism head on. That’s one more reason why it’s so disturbing that one of its co-founders, George Perdikis, has renounced Christ and embraced a godless worldview. 

It's a dangerous thing to deny Jesus Christ and embrace the world, after our lives are over we must stand before the judge.  We must withstand and endure all obstacles we face as Christians, no matter how much we are judged, misunderstood, or who wrongfully judges us.  Let us keep George Perdikis in our prayers.

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