Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Fast Have Been Called For Gospel Artist, Pastor Andrae Crouch

Many of you know Pastor Andrae Crouch has been very ill, now his church is calling for everyone to fast and pray for the legendary gospel artist.  Yes, God is a healer and so we expect for God to work through this fast and work a miracle. 

According to, fasting every Tuesday night 12:00 midnight – Wednesday afternoon at 12:00 noon while praying for Pastor Andrae’s complete healing. We are praying the scriptures Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 107:20 and Isaiah 53:5. Any type of fast your health permits. Dry fast, water, juice only or social media.

We will not only keep Pastor Andrae Crouch in prayer, but also his twin, co-pastor Sandra Crouch.

A Fast Have Been Called For Pastor Andrae Crouch!

According to Pastor Andrae Crouch Facebook Page, they’re asking for more prayers and fasting, for the ailing pastor:

Thanks for the many, many prayers! We invite Pastor Andrae’s greater...Read full article, here.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Enjoy Video Clips of James Moore's son Armel SInging and Playing Organ/Keyboard

We've been waiting to do a special article, featuring James Moore's son, Armel.  Armel not only looks very much like his Dad, but he is anointed to sing and play music just like him.   Although the video clips are not very long, you can still get an idea how blessed he is, just like Rev. James Moore, Sr.   We can certainly say there's not many young folks who can play the organ or even anointed to sing like Armel.  God truly blessed him with a gift to sing and play just like his father.  Enjoy Armel Moore as he sings under the anointing of God.

Armel Moore, Rev. James Moore's son playing organ


Armel Moore, Rev. James Moore's son, Singing his father's best melodies

Armel, Rev. James Moore son, Singing...

Armel, Rev. James Moore son, Playing Keyboard...

Armel Moore, Rev. James Moore's son Singing...


Watch One of Gospel Artist, Rev. James Moore Best Songs, 'He That Dwelleth'

February 1, 1956 – June 7, 2000

We just wanted to bless you with one of our favorite gospel songs by the late Rev. James Moore, 'He That Dwelleth.'  Whenever you feel down and the Devil tries to defeat you in life, this song will take you to a higher dimension.   It's a beautiful song and a very anointed one too.   

One of the things we loved about Rev. James Moore while he was with us here on earth, is that you could always feel the Spirit.   He was not a copycat, he was an original maestro. Specifically, this one kept you focused on God.  We have never heard Psalm 91 sung so, beautifully.

Rev. Moore is an inspiration and we want you to know he will always be with us through his songs.  

Watch Video

Source: YouTube Upload

Monday, August 25, 2014

Vickie Winans Sues ATL Gospel Fest for ‘No Show’ Accusation and Kicking her Off the Stage

Wow! We know that Mrs. Vickie Winans does her own promoting and engagements and if thy treated her like this, she will definitely fight to restore her name and any monies owned her...The AJC news reported:..Gospel singer Vickie Winans is suing a Sandy Springs company, claiming the promoter refused to pay her for appearing recently at what she thought would be a benefit concert for underprivileged people in Cobb County.

Read more at:

Gospel’s Vickie Winans Sues ATL Gospel Fest for Calling her a ‘No Show’ and Kicking her Off the Stage | AT2W

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gospel Artist, Vickie Winans Sues Atlanta Gospel Fest for Defaming Her as a “No-Show”


Vickie Winans has filed a lawsuit against Atlanta Gospel Fest Inc. that allegedly claimed she was a no show for a concert.  Winans allegedly says that she was forced to leave the stage.  Now, as we evaluate this following video, it seems as though she certainly has a case.  For this reason, the lights were turned down as she was escorted off stage, that's what we noticed while watching the following video clip. 

According to, Winans, a member of a prominent family of gospel singers, also claims Atlanta Gospel Fest Inc. defamed her as a “no-show” for the concert and demanded that she leave stage when she finally appeared at Cobb Galleria Center on Aug. 2 to perform, according to the suit filed a week ago in Fulton County Superior Court.  

We'll keep you posted on any further updates, regarding Winans case against Atlanta Gospel Fest, Inc.

Watch Video

Vickie Winans Sues Atlanta Gospel Fest for Defaming Her as a “No-Show”

Grammy-nominated gospel singer Vickie Winans is suing a Sandy Springs company, claiming the promoter refused to pay her for appearing recently at what she thought would be a benefit concert for underprivileged people in...Read full article, here.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gospel Artist, Pastor Donnie McClurkin Label Provides New Platform

Pastor Donnie McClurkin's gospel label is providing artists new ways to protect their rights while expanding their career.  Pastor McClurkin is trying to make an easier way for gospel artists, different than those who were ripped off years ago.

According to, Pastor Donnie McClurkin said, "We're looking for great talent across the country and even out of the country. We're going to give them a platform that won't be as consuming as record companies of yesterday, whereas you had to sign for a long period of time and it took away all of your rights."  

In the meantime, we will keep you posted on any further information, regarding Pastor Donnie McClurkin's gospel label.

Donnie McClurkin's Camdon Music Record Label Provides Artists With New Platform

By Christine Thomasos , Christian Post Reporter
Donnie McClurkin is an award winning gospel music singer, senior pastor and "Sunday Best" judge.
Pastor Donnie McClurkin plans to teach and empower up-and-coming musicians with his new record company Camdon music, and has enlisted the help of...Read full article, here. 
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Gospel's Rance Allen Group Release New Single More R&B Sound

This is nothing new for the Rance Allen Group. They have experimented with R&B sounding gospel in the past and have teetered back to their quartet signing sound. Aren't many gospel artists and groups doing this anyway? Hmm...Backed by the stratospheric falsetto of Bishop Rance and brothers Thomas and Steve, “A Lil’ Louder” will excite loyal fans and attract new listeners who crave the kind of gospel sound that makes it impossible to stay seated.

Read more at:

Rance Allen Group Release New Single” “A Lil Louder Clap Your Hands” More R&B Sound | AT2W

Friday, August 15, 2014

Christian Music Artist, Vicky Beeching: “I’m Gay, God Loves Me the Way I Am’

Vicky Beeching has came out about her sexuality.  However, we wonder is she serving Christ or the gay community?   Does she think she'll sell more albums, because many people in the church are openly gay these days?  Who cares about what sex she chooses? It's getting to be so tiring reading headlines about people coming out of the closet.  Therefore, let us began coming out as straight, proudly saying, "I'm straight, God Loves me the way I am."  Well, maybe it's not so popular as to why we don't hear it much, but it should be, because this is the way God wants us to be, proud heterosexuals for Christ, not for any specific community.

Source and

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gospel Artist Kevin LeVar Wants to Record Album with Drug Dealers and Prostitutes in Rehab Center

Unlike many other gospel artist, Kevin LeVar desires to record his new gospel album with drug dealers and prostitutes at The Dream Center in Los Angeles.  You see, this is what Jesus Christ would do, He would want to reach out and be around those who are outcasts within our society.  One of the main things to acknowledge is that these drug dealers and prostitutes who will be recording with him are not hypocrites.  Therefore, it's better to record with them, instead of a lot of these gospel artists who are not living and acting holy and acting as though they are representing Christ through gospel music. 

According to, instead of recording his latest material in a fancy studio with some of gospel music's biggest names that he might have had access to, LeVar opted to work out of The Dream Center, a rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles, Calif. 

We look forward to hearing this new album recorded at The Dream Center, recorded by Kevin LeVar and we know it will be very good.

Kevin LeVar Talks Recording with Drug Dealers and Prostitutes in Rehab Center for New Gospel Album

Kevin LeVar, a Gospel singer whose music has touched the lives of Christian music powerhouses such as Tina Campbell and Deitrick Haddon...Read full article, here.


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Friday, August 8, 2014

Lecrae First Number-One Christian Hip-Hop Artist in iTunes History, Says Rapper; Did He Do It God's Way?

When we read the article from our source, we couldn't help but ask ourselves, how did Lecrae top the charts in iTunes history?  It's so very clear when we examine the change within the gospel music industry in the past 25 years we have noticed many artists are not making music that is completely holy.  When most of them perform, they are very similar to worldly artists and it seems like any signs of the Holy Ghost must be obsolete in order to gain popularity and much fortune.  Therefore, for Lecrae to say he is so "big" in iTunes history over any other Christian Hip-Hop artists does not surprise us at all.   When you are a gospel artists who has not been seem to be separate from the world, then of course, you are going to get a lot of fans who support you.  He's probably the biggest artist who have 'bridged the gap' without any anointing whatsoever, allegedly. 

Mark 8:36 left us with this and we should never depart from it: 'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?'

Lecrae Becomes First Number-One Christian Hip-Hop Artist in iTunes History; 'It's Bigger than Genres and Charts,' Rapper Says (Exclusive)

By Emma Koonse , Christian Post Reporter

Lecrae made history with his brand-new single "All I Need Is You" this week, becoming the first Christian hip-hop artist of all time to ever reach the number-one spot on...Read full article, here.


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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Alexis Spight Leaves Music World Gospel for Uncle G Records


It's so evident that it was not a true purpose that Matthew Knowles be successful at promoting and keeping gospel artists on his Music World Gospel label. He has had to release several gospel artists from his label in the past 2 years and the latest is Alexis Spight. She has now signed with Uncle G Records.

Read more at:

Gospel’s Alexis Spight Leaves Music World Gospel for Uncle G Records | AT2W

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Who Will Organize GMWA, The Way Dr. Al "The Bishop" Hobbs Did it?

On this following video, we learned a lot of about what goes on behind the scenes of the organization of GMWA.  It seems like Dr. Al Hobbs was not only an intelligent man, but very creative.   He explained what the Gospel Music Worship of America gives to potential artists and what his two roles were.  He did so much with GMWA, we wonder who will be able to take on this dual positions now that he has passed on?  May he rest in peace.

Watch Video

Source and Photo:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Memorial Service Information for Dr. Al “The Bishop” Hobbs

If you live in the Indianapolis area or have a way to get to the memorial service for the late gospel artist, Dr. Al Hobbs, then here is the information.   The legendary gospel artist died of cancer at age 71.  May Dr. Al Hobbs, vice-chairman of GMWA rest in peace.  God bless and thanks for reading RGA.

Service Information for Dr. Al “The Bishop” Hobbs

“Scores of an Amazing Life”, The Homegoing Services for our beloved GOSPEL INDUSTRY AFICIONADO, Dr. Al “The Bishop” Hobbs, will be as follows:

Friday, August 15
Viewing 3pm – 6pm
Quarter Note 6pm – 7pm
Musical 7pm – 11pm
Saturday, August 16
Viewing 8am – 10am
Services 10am
Further arrangements will be forthcoming.

Singers and musicians desiring to lend their talents with the homegoing mass choir and...Read full article, here.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Gospel Music Artist 'The Bishop' Al Hobbs Dies of Cancer

Gospel music artist, Al Hobbs has passed away.   Rev. Al Hobbs can be remembered as leading the Indianapolis Mass Choir.   Hobbs was a good friend to the late King of Gospel,  Rev. James Cleveland.  He was the vice-chairman of the Gospel Music Workshop of America.  Rev. Al Hobbs died of cancer at the age of 71, may he rest in peace.

Gospel Music Entrepreneur Al Hobbs, Known as ‘The Bishop’, Dies of Cancer at 71

Al Hobbs — known for his work at radio station WTLC, for his gospel recordings and for founding the StarQuest talent competition — died on Thursday at age 71.

Hobbs’ high-profile tenure at WTLC began in 1970 and ended in 1993. His gospel recording label, Aleho, issued dozens...Read full article, here.

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Source and Photo:


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Does Christian Rapper Bizzle Have a Right to Talk about Jay Z & Kanye Possibly Being Linked to Illuminati?

For those of you who read our previous article about Bizzle signing over to a record label, after admitting he almost signed with Eminem, Ja Rule and Jay-z, now you can see what we mean about his European look on that photo.That's another thing God's not pleased with, some of these gospel artists acting like secular music artists, so much, they are willing to look less black, possibly to sell more records.  Let's get down to the reason why we did this article...

After watching this following video, we concluded that Christian rapper, Bizzle has no right to talk about Jay-Z and Kanye possibly being linked to the Illuminati, although it maybe true.  Why?  First of all, he may not have actually cursed, but saying 'that's a bunch of BS', is just as bad.  Secondly, in our opinion, Bizzle is not showing a difference between the clean and the unclean, he's got to be holy before he talks about any secular music artist.   How can he make any alleged assumption about them making deals with the Devil, if he is not creating music that is different than the Devil's music?

He's in error about Oprah Winfrey (and some of the other black celebrities mentioned on this following video), there have been alleged statements about her selling her soul to the Devil. 

Watch Video

Photo: You Tube Upload/VLADTV

Bizzle Signs Datin, A Christian Rapper Who Nearly Signed With Eminem, Swizz Beatz and Ja Rule

Really the above photo is sickening, it seems as though Bizzle is trying to look different than who he really is, but we won't get into that.  As some of you may know like the average christian rapper today, they're testimony is that they almost signed with secular music artists.  However, we question if they really have testimony, if they are not being holy, making a total difference in their music?

Bizzle Signs Datin, A Christian Rapper Who Nearly Signed With Eminem, Swizz Beatz and Ja Rule

 By Vincent Funaro , Christian Post Reporter

Controversial Christian rapper Bizzle announced Datin, a new signee, to his God Over Money label earlier this week.

Rapzilla profiled the new rapper and dug up some interesting facts about his past including...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pastor Donnie McClurkin Warns People who Want to Become Gospel Artists

Pastor Donnie McClurkin gives warning to people who desire to be a part of the gospel music industry to do it for the right reasons.  He really spoke the truth, because there are so many gospel artists today who are doing it for the wrong reasons.  However, the truth must be told, the gospel artists we see today are not only full of pride, most of them are not showing a difference, being holy while mingling with secular artists. 

According to, Pastor McClurkin said, "there's so much work that goes behind this and if you're not called by God to do it, you'll mess this thing up. Because pride won't let you say 'I'm not called to' once you start," McClurkin told CP. "Once you start, you're going to keep on trying because you don't ever want to show that you were in the wrong and that you didn't hear from God. You've got to make sure that this is God and you've got to make sure that He called you to do it."  Pastor McClurkin said all that right, but he allegedly believes in 'bridging the gap' and that's not the anointing.  You are always going to have a lot of people trying to get into the gospel music industry for the wrong reasons if they are not being holy when singing and performing gospel songs, period. 

We don't know if there is anything left within the gospel music industry to respect it as God's music, in our opinion.  Back in the day, there was no such a thing as 'Sunday's Best', if you were a anointed to sing gospel songs, God just used you and you became a legend, because you were anointed.

Donnie McClurkin Exclusive: Warns Up And Coming Gospel Musicians, Talks Being 'Mean' 'Sunday Best' Judge

By Christine Thomasos , Christian Post Reporter
Pastor Donnie McClurkin has Grammys, NAACP Awards and the fame that comes with being on top of the gospel music game, but the singer and "Sunday Best" judge has a warning for people who want to get into the...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:


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