Saturday, December 27, 2014

RGA Response to Old Black Church 2014 Update: 'Why Did The Pastor Of This Church "allowed" her to "enter" The Sanctuary Dressed Like A Harlot?'

We don't know how we missed this previous post by The Old Black Church, but it really shocked us that this actually happened.   The update was, the music artist, Onlyone Harmony was in some sort of fashion show and not performing gospel songs.  However, we are not excusing her, simply because even if it's a fashion show, you should look holy.  Whatever a gospel artist does should be holy, because he or she is suppose to represent God, not just when they are singing.   Furthermore, in our opinion, this fashion show appeared similar to one within the porn industry.   Nothing should be going on in God's House that does not look right, whether it's a concert, fashion show or any other type of event.  This should have never been allowed and God needs to deal with this pastor.  Also, Onlyone Harmony should consider singing in the world, not in the church or possibly taking part in some other sort of worldly profession.  This is not a good example for our young girls and women of any age.

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