Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gospel Artist, James Fortune Awarded Limited Child Visitation

Famous gospel artist, James Fortune has been awarded limited visitation rights with his kids.  It's very sad to hear Fortune and his wife are allegedly seperated, but really, if James Fortune is a threat, that's the only solution.  However, many gospel artists today are not walking close to God, meaning they are in it, for fame and fortune.  If they would just come together and seek him to be holy and righteous in their personal lives, no doubt, such situations like this one would not occur.  

Now, we are not judging James Fortune, all we are saying is that the gospel music industry overall has been carnal and very similar to worldly artists; therefore, the solution is for them to seek God, because James Fortune's personal business has not been the only shame among them.  There have been more artists who have not done right and their dirt has came out in the media.  It's very important for gospel music artists to repent and live right, so they will be better examples for the world to see.

According to, according to court documents, Fortune’s wife is the “complaining witness” supporting the charge against him of aggravated assault family violence. He was booked on October 23, and posted the $20,000 bond the next day. 

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for gospel artist, James Fortune and his wife, Cheryl, including all of their children.  God bless and thanks for reading RGA.



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