Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gospel Artist J Moss Explains ‘Grown Folks Gospel’

We didn't know J Moss had it in him to go back and give us some anointed gospel music, which he calls: 'Grown Folks Gospel'.  However, he said his new album will sort of go back like BeBe and CeCe Winans. We wonder does he really know what real gospel music really is, since he says it will sound sort of like the brother and sister duo?  Bebe and CeCe Winans music was always very nice and soothing, but we would not compare it to real gospel music.  Possibly, J Moss should have just called his album, 'Real Gospel Music', because grown folks gospel seem like we're talking about songs just made for adults and children may not be able to ever learn what 'real gospel music' is all about.  Do you recall back in time when we as kids just recognize gospel music just for what it was?  There was never any division between grown folks and children when it came to listening to and singing 'real gospel music'.  When you listened to it, you just knew it was completely different from the world, it was indeed holy, it was just God's music, nothing sensual, sexy and only meant for adults to understand.   Gospel music was purely distinctive from the world and we felt the anointing with our parents, if he would create an album like that, then we will know where J. Moss is coming from.

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Source and Photo: NewsOne.com 


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