Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rapper Trip Lee Allegedly Complaining About Some Christians Not Accepting His Rap Music

We didn't spend much time reading the article, because we give no place to the Devil (Ephesians 4:27), neither do we have time to pamper anyone who is complaining that some Christians just won't except Christian rap.  When Angelica Zambrano testified that she allegedly saw a Christian rapper in hell, that was enough for us to agree we no longer want to hear these christian rappers and hip-hop gospel artists complaining, because they're not accepted.  You know, in a lot of ways these christian rappers and hip hop gospel artists who always want to prove what they are doing is okay reminds us of some homosexuals that desire to prove gay marriage is okay.  Why don't they bridge the gap with them??? We have this to say to Trip Lee and all the others who are wasting their time, allegedly pleading for acceptance: 'if you want to be a christian rapper, do it, nobody is going to fore you to stop; however, you must know it's wrong, because you want to address sanctified 'holy' Christians who are never going to change their minds.  If you know it's right, then you wouldn't have to prove yourself.'  By the way here's a tip: create gospel music to only glorify God, not as an art form, then you will indeed win souls for God.  Souls are important not entertainers and their creative performances.  You don't need to be creative to win souls for Christ, just be holy.  In conclusion, you can't force people to accept your music, just like some gays cannot force Christians to accept what they do.

 Listen to Angelica's entire hell testimony and you will hear her talk about the encounter with the Christian rapper in hell.  God bless all of you beloved readers of RGA.

Rapper Trip Lee Has a Few Words for Skeptical Christians and Hip-Hop's Doorkeepers

 By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter

NEW YORK — Trip Lee, an award-winning MC, author and speaker, embraces the uniqueness of being a "pastor-rapper," but he has some frustrations with a hypocritical hip-hop industry as well as with Christians who kick against his particular brand of...Read full article, here.

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