Wednesday, September 10, 2014

'Sunday Best’ Winner Geoffrey Golden’ Anointed Voice, Certainly Golden

Geoffrey Golden is certainly anointed with a golden voice.  We've seen so many anointed young people start singing under the anointing and then they change, they become worldly and start doing, what you call 'bridge the gap.'  If he can't keep the anointing and lead the way to be holy as a gospel artist, then he could ruin his future as a gospel artist.  A lot of times worldly gospel artist recruit gifted ones like Golden, is simply because they don't want to look bad or feel guilty and they are jealous.  

We sincerely hope Golden is strong enough to keep the mantle God has given him. One of the biggest reasons why the late Rev. James Cleveland was dubbed as the King of Gospel, is simply because he was not a follower, but a leader.  That's what we need today and we think we've possibly found it through Geoffrey Golden.   We see greatness through Golden and we definitely feel he will most definitely steer the youth in the right direction of pure gospel music.  

May God continue to bless him, including the late Rev. James Moore's son, Armel Moore.

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'Sunday Best’ Winner Geoffrey Golden’ Special Message

This is only the beginning for season 7 “Sunday Best” winner, Goeffrey Golden! Listen...Read full article, here.


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Video: United Church of Christ



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