Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pastor Donnie McClurkin Admits He Has Throat Cancer: God is a Healer

RGA readers let's hold Pastor Donnie McClurkin up in prayer.  He has allegedly announced he has throat cancer while speaking at The Potters House.   We know God is a healer and there is no sickness He cannot cure.   Furthermore, the Devil always attacks those who have the gift to sing and preach, which is what Dr. Juanita Bynum went through. Dr. Bynum allegedly admitted she had throat cancer, but the Lord healed her and so we have faith God will do the same for Pastor McClurkin.  In all honesty, we may not have always agreed with Dr. McClurkin supporting hip hop gospel artists, but he is a man of God, because not many gospel artists and black preachers testify and admit God has saved them from homosexuality. 

Update, read here!!!

Donnie McClurkin Reveals He Has Throat Cancer During Stop at the Potter’s House

The man with the golden voice, three-time Grammy and ten-time Stellar Award winner Donnie McClurkin, 54, revealed a serious health battle on Sunday, September 14 at the...Read full article, here.

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