Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gospel Artist, Pastor Marvin Sapp Publicly Demand Women to Stop Showing Up at His House: Does His Fans See Him as a Sex Symbol?

It's obvious since many gospel artists are carnal and have reached mainstream, they are allegedly seen as sex symbols to many of their fans.   If you listen to some of their songs, you can easily dance, but not under the anointing.  Some of their songs are so pretty and so soothing any man or woman who is unsaved could easily imagine sexual things.   Just think about it, are all of the songs created by gospel artist, Pastor Marvin Sapp anointed?  Do they stir your spirit to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ or on unholy imaginations?  

You see, allegedly Pastor Marvin Sapp is the type of gospel artist who believes in 'bridging the gap' in his music.  Like some other mainstream gospel artist, this may cause a lot of women and even gay men to be attracted to his soothing voice and may cause them to ponder on romantic imaginations.   After the death of his stalker, don't you think God is trying to get his and many other mainstream gospel artists attention?   Back in the early days of gospel music, the songs were full of the anointing so much, it was unheard of for gospel artists to be sex symbols.  You maybe surprised by our boldness, but don't be so shocked, after hearing Bebe Winans, allegedly making comments like, 'I can't help it if I'm sexy.'  Well, why do you think these women are showing up at Pastor Marvin Sapp's home, allegedly?  Another thing, how is it so easy for them to find out his address?   

Gospel artists, both men and women, if you want to get rid of these stalkers, seek God and give up 'bridging the gap'.  Many of you are allegedly reaping what you sow.  If you want so much of the fame and fortune as a celebrity, you have to accept the demonic lifestyles that follow most worldly celebrities.  It doesn't matter if you are a pastor, you have to be holy in order for the demon of lust in the people who listen to your music to cease.  No longer call those who admire your talent, 'fans', but recognize them as souls who need Jesus and are seeking to be emotionally healed through your music.  No longer create your music that causes people to move their bodies all sorts of ways, along with it, comes nasty and wicked imaginations.

Marvin Sapp Publicly Asks Women to Stop Showing Up at His House

Marvin Sapp, our pastor at large, took to his Facebook account and made an honest heartfelt plea...Read full article, here.

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