Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Watch One of Gospel Artist, Rev. James Moore Best Songs, 'He That Dwelleth'

February 1, 1956 – June 7, 2000

We just wanted to bless you with one of our favorite gospel songs by the late Rev. James Moore, 'He That Dwelleth.'  Whenever you feel down and the Devil tries to defeat you in life, this song will take you to a higher dimension.   It's a beautiful song and a very anointed one too.   

One of the things we loved about Rev. James Moore while he was with us here on earth, is that you could always feel the Spirit.   He was not a copycat, he was an original maestro. Specifically, this one kept you focused on God.  We have never heard Psalm 91 sung so, beautifully.

Rev. Moore is an inspiration and we want you to know he will always be with us through his songs.  

Watch Video

Source: YouTube Upload


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