Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pastor Donnie McClurkin Warns People who Want to Become Gospel Artists

Pastor Donnie McClurkin gives warning to people who desire to be a part of the gospel music industry to do it for the right reasons.  He really spoke the truth, because there are so many gospel artists today who are doing it for the wrong reasons.  However, the truth must be told, the gospel artists we see today are not only full of pride, most of them are not showing a difference, being holy while mingling with secular artists. 

According to, Pastor McClurkin said, "there's so much work that goes behind this and if you're not called by God to do it, you'll mess this thing up. Because pride won't let you say 'I'm not called to' once you start," McClurkin told CP. "Once you start, you're going to keep on trying because you don't ever want to show that you were in the wrong and that you didn't hear from God. You've got to make sure that this is God and you've got to make sure that He called you to do it."  Pastor McClurkin said all that right, but he allegedly believes in 'bridging the gap' and that's not the anointing.  You are always going to have a lot of people trying to get into the gospel music industry for the wrong reasons if they are not being holy when singing and performing gospel songs, period. 

We don't know if there is anything left within the gospel music industry to respect it as God's music, in our opinion.  Back in the day, there was no such a thing as 'Sunday's Best', if you were a anointed to sing gospel songs, God just used you and you became a legend, because you were anointed.

Donnie McClurkin Exclusive: Warns Up And Coming Gospel Musicians, Talks Being 'Mean' 'Sunday Best' Judge

By Christine Thomasos , Christian Post Reporter
Pastor Donnie McClurkin has Grammys, NAACP Awards and the fame that comes with being on top of the gospel music game, but the singer and "Sunday Best" judge has a warning for people who want to get into the...Read full article, here.

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