Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gospel Artist, Vickie Winans Sues Atlanta Gospel Fest for Defaming Her as a “No-Show”


Vickie Winans has filed a lawsuit against Atlanta Gospel Fest Inc. that allegedly claimed she was a no show for a concert.  Winans allegedly says that she was forced to leave the stage.  Now, as we evaluate this following video, it seems as though she certainly has a case.  For this reason, the lights were turned down as she was escorted off stage, that's what we noticed while watching the following video clip. 

According to, Winans, a member of a prominent family of gospel singers, also claims Atlanta Gospel Fest Inc. defamed her as a “no-show” for the concert and demanded that she leave stage when she finally appeared at Cobb Galleria Center on Aug. 2 to perform, according to the suit filed a week ago in Fulton County Superior Court.  

We'll keep you posted on any further updates, regarding Winans case against Atlanta Gospel Fest, Inc.

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Vickie Winans Sues Atlanta Gospel Fest for Defaming Her as a “No-Show”

Grammy-nominated gospel singer Vickie Winans is suing a Sandy Springs company, claiming the promoter refused to pay her for appearing recently at what she thought would be a benefit concert for underprivileged people in...Read full article, here.


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