Sunday, August 3, 2014

Does Christian Rapper Bizzle Have a Right to Talk about Jay Z & Kanye Possibly Being Linked to Illuminati?

For those of you who read our previous article about Bizzle signing over to a record label, after admitting he almost signed with Eminem, Ja Rule and Jay-z, now you can see what we mean about his European look on that photo.That's another thing God's not pleased with, some of these gospel artists acting like secular music artists, so much, they are willing to look less black, possibly to sell more records.  Let's get down to the reason why we did this article...

After watching this following video, we concluded that Christian rapper, Bizzle has no right to talk about Jay-Z and Kanye possibly being linked to the Illuminati, although it maybe true.  Why?  First of all, he may not have actually cursed, but saying 'that's a bunch of BS', is just as bad.  Secondly, in our opinion, Bizzle is not showing a difference between the clean and the unclean, he's got to be holy before he talks about any secular music artist.   How can he make any alleged assumption about them making deals with the Devil, if he is not creating music that is different than the Devil's music?

He's in error about Oprah Winfrey (and some of the other black celebrities mentioned on this following video), there have been alleged statements about her selling her soul to the Devil. 

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Photo: You Tube Upload/VLADTV


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