Sunday, July 6, 2014

Watch The Love Center Choir, Lynette Hawkins Directing and Edwin Hawkins Leading 'I Am Healed by the Blood'

Although, this is last year, 2013, we thought this video is so beautiful, after Bishop Walter Hawkins has went on to be with the Lord.   This song is so beautiful and sounds so wonderful as The Love Center Choir is being directed by Lynette Hawkins Stephens.   Edwin Hawkins who is now a minister still can reach high notes, just watch, listen and be blessed.

We just want to add one more thing, although many people judge the late Bishop Walter Hawkins ministry for reaching out to homosexuals, allegedly, we give honor to him.  For this reason, the greatest commandment is love and this is no doubt, why God has yet blessed his choir to sound so good, they yet have substance of real gospel music that many churches have lost.   Although, we don't believe in gay affirming ministries, we do believe you have to love all people in order to make in God's Kingdom.  The Love Center Choir are anointed and appointed by God to give the good news through song.   If you don't want to hear any sound of secular tones, lyrics and rhythms, The Love Center Choir is the best way to go.   In our opinion, this is why pastors who can't hold a note like Bishop Eddie Long are allegedly jealous of the late Bishop Hawkins gift of music, simply because his legacy has always been genuine and not of the world.   How do we know Long has been envious? Because time after time in his sermons, he allegedly threw out on Hawkins songs.  Furthermore, at least, Bishop Walter Hawkins and his brother Edwin have never been hypocrites and always real in their ministry.

God bless The Love Center Choir and Bishop Walter Hawkins, Lynette and Edwin Hawkins.

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