Saturday, July 19, 2014

Watch Lashun Pace's Interview with Jermaine of

Lashun Pace is a very unique gospel music artist.  She is very humble and sincere about her gift of singing.   She makes it clear in her own words, she doesn't sing for fame, but for the Lord.  No wonder she is so blessed to sing the way she does.  We don't know of any other gospel artist who can hold notes like Lashun Pace, no doubt because she allows the anointing to flow without shame.

We also loved it when Jermaine admitted that Lashun Pace is his favorite gospel artist and helped him during his life.  He admits he endured bullying and Pace's songs helped him through it.

What was so exciting was to learn Lashun favorite gospel artists, her mother, Lynette Hawkins Stephens and Aretha Franklin.

You can't miss this interview, enjoy!!

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