Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Watch Keith Pringle's 35th Anniversary & Reunion Concert featuring The Pentecostal Community Choir

Anybody who knows about real gospel music knows about Keith Pringle.  Keith Pringle like Daryl Coley worked with the late King of Gospel, James Cleveland.  Therefore, it's such a joy to seem him perform with The Pentecostal Community Choir, after all these years.  When we watched this  video, we noticed he was playing an organ or piano while one of the choir members led a song.  

We want you to know whenever we see a gospel artist still here, from back in the day, we know that's nothing but God.  We highly respect Keith Pringle, because not only did he have many gospel hits from years ago, but he learned from the King of Gospel, Rev. James Cleveland and many times, performed at his concerts and on his recordings.

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