Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let Us Appreciate Real Gospel Music as Minister Daryl Coley Takes us Back, 'Breathe On Me'

Many of you of the younger generation may not remember what they call, 'old school gospel', but we don't consider it 'old', but just genuine.   We want our readers to appreciate our gospel legends and one of them is Minister Daryl Coley. This is when he was leading 'Breathe on Me' on the late (King of Gospel) Rev. James Cleveland's album.  We can feel the Spirit and it's gospel music like this one that takes us from the state of carnality.  When you listen to the words, you learn how to escape problems which may trouble you.  It's gospel songs like this one that taught you how to trust God and put all your faith in Him, no matter the situation.  This was before fame and fortune was an agenda and 'bridging the gap' was important within the 'black' gospel music industry.  You felt the anointing as Minister Daryl Coley sang this song and the choir backed him up, so beautifully.   Enjoy.

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Source and Photo: You Tube Upload


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