Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lecrae Discusses Using the N-Word and Threesomes: 'God Is Very Angry'

Now did you just read the headlines?  Since when was this type of mess discussed within the gospel and even christian music industry?  On some show called 'Sway in the Morning,' Lecrae was asked two questions.  The first one was would he ever cursed or used the N-word in his music?  Second one was has he ever had a threesome and if not, who would it be with and why?  God is not pleased and there is a burning hell waiting for christian rappers and hip hop gospel artists who refuse to be holy.  Now, any real child of God would have replied no, I am saved and there is no profanity in my music and no fornication and having orgies is not in my life.  However, according to christianpost.com, Lecrae replied: "I'm good, no need [to curse], it [would be] too controversial," said Lecrae. "Not in my music, [but] you never know what might come out my mouth. I'm not perfect."  Second question was, "You know this is going to be a 'no,' [but] I'll read it," said Lecrae when he first read the question. "If you could have a threesome with anybody who would you pick and why. No. I wouldn't [do it]."

If Lecrae was not so worldly in his music, then just maybe he wouldn't be getting people asking these type of questions.  According to God's Word, He wants us to be holy (I Peter 1:16) and righteous and it seems like whoever asked Lecrae these questions is not stirred up enough through his music.  You know, back in the day gospel music stirred up souls so much, there were hardly any demons of lust or no discussion about profanity in God's music.  However, the church has gotten so much away from God, many modern day preachers are puppets and so afraid to preach against hip hop gospel and christian rap artists like Lecrae.  They are so greedy for money and want to get a part of the millions they bring in, they refuse to tell them to be holy and righteous. Yes, they are attracting a lot of young people to their churches, but they are not molding and shaping them into pure holiness, which is God's requirement to be holy and righteous. That's why we've got so many rebellious young people in the church.  We've got too many rebellious preachers in the pulpits who are softer than cotton candy and want to be rich and famous so bad, they won't preach what's right.   However, they need to start before it's everlasting too late.  According to Angelica Zambrano's testimony on her third visit to hell, there is a Christian rapper down there and he is there because he did not worship God in his music.  Can you imagine how many pastors, bishops and evangelists are down there for not preaching against their music and performances?  Just imagine a line full of gospel artists and christian rappers on their way through the tunnels, which Jesus calls the gateways to hell.  Then, all the fame and fortune won't matter, will it?

Watch Video, Angelica Zambrano speak about Christian rapper in hell, starting at 28:56

Source and Photo: http://www.christianpost.com


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