Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gospel Artist, Pastor Norman Hutchins Testifies about His Kidney Transplant

Praise God, Norman Hutchins has testified how God did a miracle through his wife, First Lady Karen Hutchins.   He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and at first, it was very difficult to get a donor, even within his congregation.  Norman Hutchins could have died, because doctors informed him there was a one and 2.5 million person chance that she was a perfect match. This shows that God put this lovely couple was made in heaven.  Thank God, miracles still do happen.

Norman Hutchins Flatlines at hospital!

by Crystal Smith

As distinguishable as someone’s name can be to large audiences, we often find that real struggle is a lonely battle. With so much bad news going on in society today, it’s good to hear a story of restoration and faith impact the Gospel community. Gospel music legend Pastor Norman Hutchins recently shared his testimony...Read full article, here.


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