Monday, July 14, 2014

Pastor Kim Burrell set the record straight about the controversial episode on BET's 'Sunday Best'.  Allegedly, she claims she was not out to hurt anyone and the young guy apologized behind the scenes.   She also stated in her own words that people always look at the worst and never the good in a situation.    

However, in all fairness, we sincerely think out of the four judges, Yolanda Adams seem to really care about the young man.  We wonder will they all get together and cut the guy a check since he says he says he used all his rent money and he returned like Yolanda Adams suggested the year before.  Furthermore, he's very sweet to say he loved Kierra Sheard after the funny faces she was allegedly making while he sang his song.  In all honesty, most of the judges behaved was similar to judges on a worldly show like American Idol, sort of snobby and arrogant.  That is the sort of attitude that drives many people to go out into the world and sing.

The young contestant had a wonderful voice and we sincerely hope he never gives up singing for God.   Furthermore, we want him and every other potential gospel artist to understand that years ago, if you were anointed to sing, you didn't have to try out on a show.  If he and others want it bad enough, just do it without going on any show.  Years ago, gospel artists sang in the church and that is how they became great music artists, so to be seen before judges on national television is not mandatory.

In the meantime, this contestant is in our prayers.

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Watch Video


Kim Burrell Addresses Her Controversial “Sunday Best” Behavior

Kim Burrell took out time at the Christmas in July at Fallbrook Church, to address the popular “Read” footage from Sunday Best Auditions! She articulately, comically & tactfully spoke the truth about the episode! God...Read full article, here.


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