Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Christian Rap Artist DC Talk's Kevin Max Urges Believers to Open Up about Divorce

Christian Rap Artist, Kevin Max of DC Talk urges Christians to open up about divorce.  Here is the problem we have with this, we don't think Max would be saying this if he did not experience it, misery loves company.  It sort reminds us of Jim Baker, after he and Tammy got in trouble and lost everything, he allegedly started pointing the finger at pastors of mega ministries who are enjoying the wealth now.   

According to , he feels that Christian artists, more than anyone need to be open about their issues including problems such as divorce  

If Kevin Max wants to tell other Christians to come clean about their divorce and other issues, then first, let the Christian rap go and be holy.  He's supposed to look holy and perform his music in pure holiness.  First of all, Christian rap is a sin and it is not of God.  Did he ever think that possibly he lost his marriage, because of christian rap?  God cannot bless these hip hop gospel and christian rap artists in their personal lives until they let go of what displease him, that's it.

Christians Should Be Honest About Divorce and Sex; DC Talk's Kevin Max Urges Believers to Come Clean

By Vincent Funaro , Christian Post Reporter

DC Talk member Kevin Max appeared on the Bad Christian podcast this week where he discussed the Christian music industry, the band's origins and his public divorce.

Host's Matt, Toby and Joey inquired about his opinion on public figures asking for...Read full article, here.

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