Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Christian Rap Artist DC Talk's Kevin Max Urges Believers to Open Up about Divorce

Christian Rap Artist, Kevin Max of DC Talk urges Christians to open up about divorce.  Here is the problem we have with this, we don't think Max would be saying this if he did not experience it, misery loves company.  It sort reminds us of Jim Baker, after he and Tammy got in trouble and lost everything, he allegedly started pointing the finger at pastors of mega ministries who are enjoying the wealth now.   

According to , he feels that Christian artists, more than anyone need to be open about their issues including problems such as divorce  

If Kevin Max wants to tell other Christians to come clean about their divorce and other issues, then first, let the Christian rap go and be holy.  He's supposed to look holy and perform his music in pure holiness.  First of all, Christian rap is a sin and it is not of God.  Did he ever think that possibly he lost his marriage, because of christian rap?  God cannot bless these hip hop gospel and christian rap artists in their personal lives until they let go of what displease him, that's it.

Christians Should Be Honest About Divorce and Sex; DC Talk's Kevin Max Urges Believers to Come Clean

By Vincent Funaro , Christian Post Reporter

DC Talk member Kevin Max appeared on the Bad Christian podcast this week where he discussed the Christian music industry, the band's origins and his public divorce.

Host's Matt, Toby and Joey inquired about his opinion on public figures asking for...Read full article, here.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lecrae Discusses Using the N-Word and Threesomes: 'God Is Very Angry'

Now did you just read the headlines?  Since when was this type of mess discussed within the gospel and even christian music industry?  On some show called 'Sway in the Morning,' Lecrae was asked two questions.  The first one was would he ever cursed or used the N-word in his music?  Second one was has he ever had a threesome and if not, who would it be with and why?  God is not pleased and there is a burning hell waiting for christian rappers and hip hop gospel artists who refuse to be holy.  Now, any real child of God would have replied no, I am saved and there is no profanity in my music and no fornication and having orgies is not in my life.  However, according to, Lecrae replied: "I'm good, no need [to curse], it [would be] too controversial," said Lecrae. "Not in my music, [but] you never know what might come out my mouth. I'm not perfect."  Second question was, "You know this is going to be a 'no,' [but] I'll read it," said Lecrae when he first read the question. "If you could have a threesome with anybody who would you pick and why. No. I wouldn't [do it]."

If Lecrae was not so worldly in his music, then just maybe he wouldn't be getting people asking these type of questions.  According to God's Word, He wants us to be holy (I Peter 1:16) and righteous and it seems like whoever asked Lecrae these questions is not stirred up enough through his music.  You know, back in the day gospel music stirred up souls so much, there were hardly any demons of lust or no discussion about profanity in God's music.  However, the church has gotten so much away from God, many modern day preachers are puppets and so afraid to preach against hip hop gospel and christian rap artists like Lecrae.  They are so greedy for money and want to get a part of the millions they bring in, they refuse to tell them to be holy and righteous. Yes, they are attracting a lot of young people to their churches, but they are not molding and shaping them into pure holiness, which is God's requirement to be holy and righteous. That's why we've got so many rebellious young people in the church.  We've got too many rebellious preachers in the pulpits who are softer than cotton candy and want to be rich and famous so bad, they won't preach what's right.   However, they need to start before it's everlasting too late.  According to Angelica Zambrano's testimony on her third visit to hell, there is a Christian rapper down there and he is there because he did not worship God in his music.  Can you imagine how many pastors, bishops and evangelists are down there for not preaching against their music and performances?  Just imagine a line full of gospel artists and christian rappers on their way through the tunnels, which Jesus calls the gateways to hell.  Then, all the fame and fortune won't matter, will it?

Watch Video, Angelica Zambrano speak about Christian rapper in hell, starting at 28:56

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gospel Artist, Pastor Norman Hutchins Testifies about His Kidney Transplant

Praise God, Norman Hutchins has testified how God did a miracle through his wife, First Lady Karen Hutchins.   He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and at first, it was very difficult to get a donor, even within his congregation.  Norman Hutchins could have died, because doctors informed him there was a one and 2.5 million person chance that she was a perfect match. This shows that God put this lovely couple was made in heaven.  Thank God, miracles still do happen.

Norman Hutchins Flatlines at hospital!

by Crystal Smith

As distinguishable as someone’s name can be to large audiences, we often find that real struggle is a lonely battle. With so much bad news going on in society today, it’s good to hear a story of restoration and faith impact the Gospel community. Gospel music legend Pastor Norman Hutchins recently shared his testimony...Read full article, here.


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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Watch Lashun Pace's Interview with Jermaine of

Lashun Pace is a very unique gospel music artist.  She is very humble and sincere about her gift of singing.   She makes it clear in her own words, she doesn't sing for fame, but for the Lord.  No wonder she is so blessed to sing the way she does.  We don't know of any other gospel artist who can hold notes like Lashun Pace, no doubt because she allows the anointing to flow without shame.

We also loved it when Jermaine admitted that Lashun Pace is his favorite gospel artist and helped him during his life.  He admits he endured bullying and Pace's songs helped him through it.

What was so exciting was to learn Lashun favorite gospel artists, her mother, Lynette Hawkins Stephens and Aretha Franklin.

You can't miss this interview, enjoy!!

Watch Video

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Pastor Kim Burrell set the record straight about the controversial episode on BET's 'Sunday Best'.  Allegedly, she claims she was not out to hurt anyone and the young guy apologized behind the scenes.   She also stated in her own words that people always look at the worst and never the good in a situation.    

However, in all fairness, we sincerely think out of the four judges, Yolanda Adams seem to really care about the young man.  We wonder will they all get together and cut the guy a check since he says he says he used all his rent money and he returned like Yolanda Adams suggested the year before.  Furthermore, he's very sweet to say he loved Kierra Sheard after the funny faces she was allegedly making while he sang his song.  In all honesty, most of the judges behaved was similar to judges on a worldly show like American Idol, sort of snobby and arrogant.  That is the sort of attitude that drives many people to go out into the world and sing.

The young contestant had a wonderful voice and we sincerely hope he never gives up singing for God.   Furthermore, we want him and every other potential gospel artist to understand that years ago, if you were anointed to sing, you didn't have to try out on a show.  If he and others want it bad enough, just do it without going on any show.  Years ago, gospel artists sang in the church and that is how they became great music artists, so to be seen before judges on national television is not mandatory.

In the meantime, this contestant is in our prayers.

Watch Video


Watch Video


Kim Burrell Addresses Her Controversial “Sunday Best” Behavior

Kim Burrell took out time at the Christmas in July at Fallbrook Church, to address the popular “Read” footage from Sunday Best Auditions! She articulately, comically & tactfully spoke the truth about the episode! God...Read full article, here.


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gospel Artist Erica Campbell Talks about Going Solo, Working With Lecrae and more

Here's an update, regarding Erica Campbell going solo, after being with her sister Tina as Mary Mary.  We cannot understand how Erica Campbell can team up with Lecrae who allegedly holds up the corna hand sign. Do you recall us showing you a previous report about Lecrae allegedly holding corna hand signals, which is the sign to the Devil? We have the video to prove it, just like before. Well, then again we do, because there is a connection since we previously saw a music video of Erica and her sister, Tina allegedly revealing the broken cross on their attire.   

Recently,  Erica Campbell allegedly stated the reason why neither of them ever sang mainstream R&B, but to tell you the truth, they might as well go out in the world and sang for the Devil, because they are not showing a difference.  Where is the holiness in their performances and lyrics?  Is it holy for her to perform with Lecrae? It's certainly not anointed by God.  Furthermore, for her solo album to be called anointed is insane.  Just watch the following videos after you watch the entire interview of her on CBN.  To be real with you, R&B is not as not bad at all, compared to what they're doing, because God said He'd rather you be hot or cold than lukewarm (Revelations 3:16). We thought it was ludicrous for her to even mention R & B since Mary Mary has been more similar to the hip-hop genre, in our opinion.

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Note: We don't own these videos, we discovered them on YouTube, just like in our previous articles.
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let Us Appreciate Real Gospel Music as Minister Daryl Coley Takes us Back, 'Breathe On Me'

Many of you of the younger generation may not remember what they call, 'old school gospel', but we don't consider it 'old', but just genuine.   We want our readers to appreciate our gospel legends and one of them is Minister Daryl Coley. This is when he was leading 'Breathe on Me' on the late (King of Gospel) Rev. James Cleveland's album.  We can feel the Spirit and it's gospel music like this one that takes us from the state of carnality.  When you listen to the words, you learn how to escape problems which may trouble you.  It's gospel songs like this one that taught you how to trust God and put all your faith in Him, no matter the situation.  This was before fame and fortune was an agenda and 'bridging the gap' was important within the 'black' gospel music industry.  You felt the anointing as Minister Daryl Coley sang this song and the choir backed him up, so beautifully.   Enjoy.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Watch Keith Pringle's 35th Anniversary & Reunion Concert featuring The Pentecostal Community Choir

Anybody who knows about real gospel music knows about Keith Pringle.  Keith Pringle like Daryl Coley worked with the late King of Gospel, James Cleveland.  Therefore, it's such a joy to seem him perform with The Pentecostal Community Choir, after all these years.  When we watched this  video, we noticed he was playing an organ or piano while one of the choir members led a song.  

We want you to know whenever we see a gospel artist still here, from back in the day, we know that's nothing but God.  We highly respect Keith Pringle, because not only did he have many gospel hits from years ago, but he learned from the King of Gospel, Rev. James Cleveland and many times, performed at his concerts and on his recordings.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Watch The Love Center Choir, Lynette Hawkins Directing and Edwin Hawkins Leading 'I Am Healed by the Blood'

Although, this is last year, 2013, we thought this video is so beautiful, after Bishop Walter Hawkins has went on to be with the Lord.   This song is so beautiful and sounds so wonderful as The Love Center Choir is being directed by Lynette Hawkins Stephens.   Edwin Hawkins who is now a minister still can reach high notes, just watch, listen and be blessed.

We just want to add one more thing, although many people judge the late Bishop Walter Hawkins ministry for reaching out to homosexuals, allegedly, we give honor to him.  For this reason, the greatest commandment is love and this is no doubt, why God has yet blessed his choir to sound so good, they yet have substance of real gospel music that many churches have lost.   Although, we don't believe in gay affirming ministries, we do believe you have to love all people in order to make in God's Kingdom.  The Love Center Choir are anointed and appointed by God to give the good news through song.   If you don't want to hear any sound of secular tones, lyrics and rhythms, The Love Center Choir is the best way to go.   In our opinion, this is why pastors who can't hold a note like Bishop Eddie Long are allegedly jealous of the late Bishop Hawkins gift of music, simply because his legacy has always been genuine and not of the world.   How do we know Long has been envious? Because time after time in his sermons, he allegedly threw out on Hawkins songs.  Furthermore, at least, Bishop Walter Hawkins and his brother Edwin have never been hypocrites and always real in their ministry.

God bless The Love Center Choir and Bishop Walter Hawkins, Lynette and Edwin Hawkins.

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