Thursday, June 5, 2014

Erica Campbell on Why Mary Mary Will Never Sing Mainstream R&B Music for Money

As they used to say, this is a whole 'bunch of bologna,' foolishness.  Erica and her sister, Tina might has well go on out there in the world and be real, because they both have been allegedly hypocriting the whole time.  Most of their music is already mainstream, the way it sounds as though you can shake your hips and jiggle more than that to every beat.  How dare either of them even open up their mouth?

Erica and Tina Campbell like other gospel artists have 'bridged the gap' so much, they already have made a lot of money.  So, to act as though they have been so holy and righteous is a bunch of foolishness and nonsense.   The way they have performed the secular sounding songs sure have not been to glorify God. Allegedly, they also have performed with a few secular artists.  So, why act as though they are so much better than those who are singing and performing mainstream? 

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Source: Black Christian News


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