Thursday, June 19, 2014

Destiny's Child Gospel Song, 'Say Yes' Bubble Gum Gospel: Beyonce Alleged Satanic Worship

This generation of gospel artists need to realize you cannot make it to heaven just by singing gospel songs.  Let us ask you this question, do the members of Destiny's Child even know what it is to say yes to God?  Michelle Williams should not be hanging with Beyonce who could be allegedly connected to the Illuminati, along with Kelly Rowland who is still singing secular songs.   The Word of God says no man can serve two masters in Matthew 6:24. 

Now Destiny Child new song, 'Say Yes', featuring Beyonce, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland has no anointing whatsoever in it, because obviously they all have not fully surrendered to God.  When you say yes to God, you put a difference in your music and the way you live your life.   You don't 'Say Yes' to God and yet hang with unsaved people.  You don't say yes to God and sound, look and act like the world. You don't say yes to God, create an album like Michelle Williams and mingle with people you used to perform with in the world. You don't say yes to God and show the Baphomet like Beyonce when she sings and performs her secular songs, allegedly.   Now, let us reveal to you what we are talking about after you watch this video clip of their gospel song as though they all are doing Jesus Christ a favor.  

We wouldn't call this gospel, we'll call it trash, because you cannot feel the Holy Spirit, at all and in our spirits we cannot fully say yes to God by listening to it.

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Destiny’s Child Gets Back Together… to Sing and Dance About Jesus

You can shut down your computer after you read this article. Turn on your away message, go home, and get into bed, because nothing else you do today can possibly top the news that, for one video only, the women of Destiny’s Child...Read full article, here.


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