Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tina of Mary Mary tells Teddy “I’m not married to Jesus Christ. I’m married to you”

In our opinion, we think Tina on WE tv’s Mary Mary has taken her love for her husband too far.   As a Christian who is married, we must be very careful what we say about Jesus Christ.  She allegedly told him, she's not married to Jesus Christ.  Destruction is coming her way, if she does not repent.   

In our walk with Christ, it does not matter who we meet and fall in love with, we once we made a commitment to Christ, He became our soulmate, first.   If something should happen if our spouses leave us, Jesus Christ does not leave or forsake us, He stays right with us.  When our past lovers promised to always be in our lives and walk out, Jesus remains right there with us.  If we should have kids and they rebel against us, Jesus goes no where, He remains right in our lives.   Jesus Christ was married to us, before we ever saw that person who made a commitment to be yoked in matrimony with us or even in relationships, in general.  Therefore, Jesus Christ is waiting on Tina of Mary Mary to repent, immediately, before destruction falls on her life.     

'The same thing goes for you beloved readers, never love anybody so much to say, you are not married to Jesus Christ.  You don't put your husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends ahead of Jesus Christ, for He was with us before we met that individual and He will never leave us, if and when they hurt and leave us alone.'  We are married to Jesus Christ first and we are to never break that vow, not even for our spouses.

Tina tells Teddy “I’m not married to Jesus Christ. I’m married to you”

Sometimes, Christians can make the mistake of over-spiritualizing practical matters, which can lead to destruction in our lives and hinder productivity.

When it comes to managing finances, relationships, health, business and...Read full article, here.

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