Monday, May 26, 2014

BET Is Working to Bring ‘Celebration of Gospel’ Back to TV

Although, BET could be bringing 'Celebration of Gospel' back to TV, we don't know if God agrees with it.  Why? Simply because if it's about fame and fortune, then the show will not glorify him.  Just ask yourselves, when unsaved people watch the show, how many of them will submit themselves to God?   According to our source, the show originally cancelled because it wasn't profitable, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is not about profits.

According to, an executive with the channel anonymously revealed that BET’s previous decision to cancel “COG” had nothing to do with ratings. It was strictly based on the show “not being profitable.”

We sincerely pray BET's plan does not go through and if it does, God will have the last say if 'Celebration of Gospel' should return for good.

BET Is Working to Bring ‘Celebration of Gospel’ Back to TV

After reports came down that BET was canceling its popular “Celebration of Gospel” special, the network has changed its mind and now working to bring it back on the air.

Jawn Murray’s AlwaysAList reports the change of heart came amid a flood of...Read full article, here.

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