Wednesday, March 19, 2014

'Mary Mary' Erica and Tina Campbell Won’t Let Their Own Children Watch Their Reality Show

Tell us, if 'Mary Mary' aka Erica and Tina Campbell don't want their children to watch their own reality show, then why should it air at all? It seems to us that these two sisters know right from wrong, but they want to do things their own way.   Believe us when we say this, if they know their reality show is not decent enough for their own children, then they've got to know their music has been wrong and not ordained by God.  

In the meantime, we pray for God to deal with Erica and Tina Campbell, because it does not seem like their too lost to turn back to pure holiness.

Erica and Tina Campbell Won’t Even Let Their Own Children Watch Their Drama-Filled Reality Show

When it was first announced in 2012 that Grammy-winning sibling-duo Mary Mary had landed a self-titled reality show on WE tv, Christian audiences assumed it would be family-friendly content. Not so much.

Now in its third season, Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell’s drama and...Read full article, here.

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