Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dr. Bobby Jones To Be Honored By Gospel Music Association

Dr. Bobby Jones will be honored by the Gospel Music Association.  Obviously, when you have promoted so many gospel artists, you get the honor you deserve.  However, we question is, if GMA honors those who have been promoting morals and values, not just gospel music, in general? Seriously, because there has been a shift within the gospel music industry going mainstream, we do not feel Dr. Jones deserves such honor.   

Furthermore, there needs to be a new leader for this era who promotes morals and values. Possibly a also a new gospel organization that discourages 'bridging the gap', going mainstream.   Let's pray for Dr. Bobby Jones retirement and for another gospel music organization that only uplift righteous gospel promoters and gospel artists.  Many times, certain people have to move out of the way, so God can uplift righteous leaders.  If he does not retire, God will do it for him and we mean no harm by it.

Bobby Jones To Be Honored By Gospel Music Association

By Oretha Winston, Lead Editor

The GMA (Gospel Music Association) announces today the date of the inaugural GMA Honors Ceremony to be held on Tuesday, April 29 at Lipscomb University’s Allen Arena.  The event celebrates those being inducted into the GMA Gospel Music Hall of...Read full article, here.
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