Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bizzle, Christian Rapper Shares Testimony of Becoming Saved after Pimping Pastor's Daughter

This Christian rapper admits after pimping a pastor's daughter, he gave his life to Jesus Christ.  You know, it takes a strong man to admit what he did was wrong.  Furthermore, we don't hear of many Christian rappers testifying about how they used to pimp, especially pimping a pastor's daughter.   Praise God for his honesty and deliverance.

Bizzle- I Was Saved After Pimping Pastor's Daughter; Christian Rapper Shares Testimony

 By Vincent Funaro , Christian Post Reporter\

Rapper and God Over Money label head Bizzle recently say down with hip-hop media outlet Vlad TV to discuss his testimony and revealed interesting facts about his past. Before turning his life over to Jesus Christ, Bizzle was involved in prostituting a female who he later found out was the daughter of a...Read full article, here.

Source: ChristianPost.com/(Photograph:YouTube/GodOverMoney)


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