Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Angelica Zambrano Witnessed Christian Rapper in Hell, Christian Rap is a Sin!!!

As you know, we just gave you the latest report at SCR blog, regarding Angelica Zambrano's third experience in hell.  In her testimony, we heard her admit there is a Christian rapper in hell.  Why?  Because he was singing rap songs in God's house and not worshiping God.  Zambrano says she was told, allegedly, to tell the young people to worship God and be holy.  

Saints of God, this is a forwarning to the christian and gospel music industry, all churches, all young and old Christians, hip-hop gospel, christian rap is wrong and it is a sin.  If you listen to it or perform, you will go to hell.  If you are a pastor or evangelist who allow it in your services, you will be in eternal torment if you do not repent.  This Christian rapper has been in hell for 4 years and pleading to get out, but he will be in hell, eternally, all because he did not stop what he was doing.  Remember this, just because the masses are doing something, it does not mean it is right.  It's just like homosexuality, there was a day it has unpopular to be gay and you get not get the average black person to admit they were, but nowadays, we see a lot of them along with every other race coming out of the closet.   Repent and stop listening and performing Christian rap and hip hop gospel before it is everlasting to late.  If you don't you will be like this young man, whoever he was.

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