Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gospel Artists Donnie McClurkin Talks His Struggles With Death of His Both Parents


We can understand that losing a parent is a difficult thing to get through but to lose both parents can be devastating to say the least. Award-winning gospel singer Pastor Donnie McClurkin's parents died approximately 10 months apart...On TBN’s Praise the Lord show, the host McClurkin opened up about his moments of  distress and his struggle to move forward without his mother and father:..

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Donnie McClurkin Talks His Struggles With Death of His Both Parents | AT2W

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gospel Artist, Kirk Franklin Says We Won's See Him on 'Preachers of LA'


Kirk Franklin performs just like the average gospel artist, these days, we are very shocked he's got some shame when it comes to 'Preachers of LA'.  Allegedly, he made the comment that we won't see him on the hit reality show.  However, Franklin has not drawn that fine line between secular and gospel music, so we wonder how does he think of himself so righteous?

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Kirk Franklin Says You Won’t Ever See Him on “Preachers of L. A.”

Season 1 of Oxygen’s hit reality series “Preachers Of LA” drew to a close last month, but still remains an ever-present hot topic among many.

Since the shows debut back in October we’ve seen many public figures voice their opinion on the controversial reality series starring...Read full article, here.

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