Friday, January 3, 2014

What God is trying to teach the gospel music industry through Marvin Sapp being stalked

It should be very obvious many gospel artist do not want to identify with what they call 'traditional' or 'classic' gospel music.  Because there is so much diversity these days, many black gospel artists want many other races to buy there music, so they do not want to sound too emotional, too churchy or too black.  They want to be universal and sound very secular in their gospel music.  They want fame and fortune like secular music artists as their pastors want they same thing as they mingle with rich white pastors and televangelists of mega ministries.   Therefore, we believe God could have allowed Marvin Sapp to be stalked, because of the disobedience and shame of His anointing within the gospel music industry.

As you know, Marvin Sapp is also a pastor and has evangelized at various churches across the states.   If you have heard one of his Sunday broadcasts, he allegedly has made sarcastic comments like, 'this ain't yo' grand-mama's church.'   God frowns down on any gospel artist or preacher making mockery of the anointing and enforcing a secular atmosphere in His house.   Although, Marvin Sapp is a gifted gospel music artist, in our opinion, he has been very carnal like various others.   

Take heed, if you are a gospel artist and make a vow to the Lord, you will no longer be ashamed of His anointing flowing through your songs and during your concerts.   For you are denying the movement of the Holy Ghost and have been doing so for many years.  Just like many pastors and ministers have been causing shame to the (black) church, some gospel artists are starting to get in trouble.  Furthermore, as for Pastor Marvin Sapp being stalked, he allegedly claims there has also been other women besides Teleka Patrick who have harassed him.   A lesson for the rest of you gospel artists, if you would not perform in the flesh and carnality and yearn to be like the secular celebrities, then your fans may not stalk you.   If you act like, Lil' Kim, Beyonce, Jay-z, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake or Janet Jackson, don't be surprise what type of people may become obsessed with you.  If you are anointed and allow the Holy Ghost to flow through your performances, then these are the type of people who you will most likely attract, the type that are so holy and righteous, they will have their minds on God and not on you.

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