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Friday, March 22, 2013

Gospel Artists Star in Easter Sunday Production: ‘King of Kings’

King of kings

There's a new production coming for Easter! Evangel Multi Media and Arts Center presents “King of kings” Easter production. The production will be all about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many of the gospel music artists to be a part of it will include...

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Gospel Artists to Star in Easter Sunday Production: ‘King of Kings’ | AT2W

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Deitrick Haddon Speaks Out on Coco Brother Live! [AUDIO]

exodus event in atlanta 2013 with deitrick haddon

Deitrick Haddon speaks to Coco Brother about his recent 'tests' and 'storms' but that he feels he is more qualified to minister now because of his storms. He says he is more confident and on fire for God more than ever. We don't know about all of that but we do believe that storms will shape and mold you more so for ministry as long as we have the right intentions.

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Gospel’s Deitrick Haddon Speaks Out About His Recent Storms on Coco Brother Live! [AUDIO] | AT2W

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gospel Singer Ricky Dillard Announces His Medical Diagnosis of Sarcoidosis

ricky dillard sarcoidosis

We want to send out prayer and encouragement to Ricky Dillard. He has announced on his Twitter page that he was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. We always remind the saints that we serve a God that is able to all things. Now is a time that we exercise our full faith in Him for healing as well.

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Gospel Singer Ricky Dillard Announces His Medical Diagnosis of Sarcoidosis via Twitter | AT2W

Pastor Shirley Caesar Interviewed on The Steve Harvey Radio Show

steve harvey shirley caesar interview

Take a listen at the interview of Shirley Caesar on the Steve Harvey Radio Show. We were surprised she would be on his radio show.

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Pastor Shirley Caesar Interviewed on The Steve Harvey Radio Show [Listen] | AT2W

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Gospel Reality Show For forever Jones

forever jones reality show

Bounce TV, which was founded by Martin Luther King III, has taken the spot as the fastest growing black network in television, is doing some new things to continue to grow. The network will begin production on it's first-ever original reality series about the day to day lives of Grammy-nominated family gospel group, forever JONES.

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New Gospel Reality Show For forever Jones on the Bounce TV Network | AT2W

Monday, March 11, 2013

Gospel Singer Larnelle Harris Releases New Live Album in Nashville

gospel music larnelle harris

Hall of Fame vocalist and multiple Grammy winner, Larnelle Harris has a new CD/DVD project on the way. Scheduled for a March 26th release, Harris' latest project, Larnelle Live in Nashville, will include a live performance along with special guests Sandi Patty, Steve Green and Steve Amerson.

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Gospel Singer Larnelle Harris Releases New Live in Nashville CD/DVD Combo | AT2W

Gospel’s Donald Lawrence to Release New Music Project

Entertainment One has entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with Quiet Water Enternainment to produce and release the long-awaited and highly anticipated Donald Lawrence‘s 20th year in music project.

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Gospel’s Donald Lawrence to Release Music Project Celebrating 20 Years in Gospel | AT2W

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why Does the Mega Black Church Glorify World's Hip Hop/Rap in Gospel Music, If There has been alleged Blood Sacrifices?

Now, as children of the most high God, it does not make sense for these black churches whom are now mega to glorify the world's hip/hop and rap in gospel music, if there has been actual blood sacrifices in the world, allegedly.   According to Professor Griff, a few high profile hip hop celebrity millionaires have taken an oath for their fame and fortune.  If this is true, then what is the black church doing condoning the world's hip-hop/rap music to blend in with gospel music?

We are going to tell you RGA readers our honest opinion, God is very angry at some of today's black churches whom have glorified the world's music over holiness.    God is angry at the average mega black church whom has condoned hip hop gospel that is the replica of the world's music.   According to Hip Hop Examiner, Professor Griff says there are some well known big time celebrities whom have sold their souls to their Devil for their fame and fortune.  Now if some of these celebrity preachers acknowledge this fact, why aren't they preaching against hip hop and rap music within the gospel music industry?  God is certainly not pleased of their discretion to earn a part of the world's fame and fortune.   We ask you ladies and gentlemen, when these celebrity preachers over their big time mega black/multicultural churches come to the end of their lives, do they expect to hear Jesus say, "well done, they good and faithful servant?"   We do not think Jesus would ignore the fact that they ignored the scripture found in 1 John 2:15 that forewarned us 'not to love the world neither the things in it.'   Also our Word forewarned us, 'Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?'

This is very serious, if Professor Griff is accurate on his facts.   Now, let us ask you this question does the body of Christ approve of blood sacrifices?  Of course not, we do not agree with taking anybody's life for money.  So why doesn't the black church wake up and say no to hip hop/rap blending in with gospel music?   The Word of God already forewarned us in Mark 8:36 and Matthew 16:26, 'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?'  We have no business gaining any wealth similar to the same type of people whom allegedly are involved with committing blood sacrifices.  If the gospel music industry has nothing to do with that sort of demonic mess, which we feel they have not crossed that line, then their music should be completely set a part from the world.  

Source: Hip Hop Examiner

The Late Godfather of Gospel Timothy Wright’s Son Speaks to 700 Club About Forgiveness [VIDEO] | AT2W

This is a beautiful story about forgiveness his father taught him on his death bed for the drunk driver who killed his mother and nephew.

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The Late Godfather of Gospel Timothy Wright’s Son Speaks to 700 Club About Forgiveness [VIDEO] | AT2W

Gospel Artist Karen Clark Sheard's Family Gospel Series Airs April 7 on BET

 bet the sheards reality show

BET's first faith-based reality show of The Clark Sister Karen Clark Sheard's family will air on April 7th. The daughter Kierra 'Kiki' Sheard says this is a 'gospel series' and not a reality series and that it will not be trashy. In the sneak preview below, it appears to start off like any other reality show but we shall see where it goes from there once it airs its first few episodes.

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Karen Clark Sheard and Family Gospel Series Airs April 7 [WATCH Sneak Peak] | AT2W

Friday, March 1, 2013

Gospel’s Marvin Sapp Questioned By Fan About Kandi Burruss Song

marvin sapp kandi burruss

We knew someone was going to call Mr. Marvin Sapp on this, at least other than us, that is. Our friends at posted a comment from Facebook  to Marvin Sapp from a fan who questions his motives for helping 'Kandi Koated Knights' Kandi Burruss' production of  her inspirational/gospel song called "Stay Prayed'.

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Gospel’s Marvin Sapp Questioned By Fan About His Motivation to Do Song with Kandi Burruss? | AT2W

Young Boy Sings Stunning Tribute to Pastor Must SEE!

little erin knight sings

LIL ERIN KNIGHT Tribute To Bishop Kenneth L. Robinson Sr. @ Antioch Full Gospel Baptist Church In Little Rock Arkansas. He sings Marvin Sapp's 'Never Could Have Made It' like he wrote the song! My God. He is anointed!

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Young Boy Sings Stunning Tribute to Pastor of Antioch Full Gospel Baptist in Arkansas | AT2W
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