Saturday, October 26, 2013

Eddie Levert Admits Gospel Artists are Competitive During Performances

It certainly takes a person who sings secular music to admit the realities within the gospel music industry.  On a recent interview with Eddie Levert, Roland Martin asks him if they are beefs between gospel groups, in so many words.  He responded, 'they're the worst ones,' and we agree with him. One of our journalists recalls growing up in the black church and whenever their was a solo or someone leading a song in the choir, someone would take the microphone and try to outdo the other person. 

You see, Eddie Levert grew up in the church and used to sing gospel music, so he knows how it was years ago and how it still is, no doubt.   We are so grateful he's honest about it, because we would never hear anyone say it, especially someone from the gospel music industry.  You've got to hear the interview for yourself.

Listen to Audio of Roland Martin Interviewing Eddie Levert

Source, photo and Video: NewsOne


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