Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ben Tankard Set To Air New Reality Show This Fall


A new reality show is coming and its a jazz musician this time. This fall, The Tankards are set to launch this fall featuring their blended family, who claim that they were called by God to be rich. Hmm... that's interesting but most of these celebrities who claimed to be Christian say the same things. What's new?

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Jazz Musician Ben Tankard Set To Air New Reality Show This Fall | AT2W

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tonex’ Concert Boycotted, Report Says

tonex gospel concert
It sounds like, according to a report, Tonex is facing more controversy with his gospel comeback concert. Tonex has scheduled a gospel concert at Howard Theatre on Sept. 15th on the Howard University campus.According to a report, many students are not happy about it and are actually boycotting the concert...

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Tonex’ Concert Boycotted by Howard University Students, Report Says | AT2W

Singer Johnny Mo Turns ‘Bump N Grind’ Song Into Jesus Song?

johnny mo, nothing wrong with living for jesus

We seem to have a lot of phoney men and women of God who think they can do whatever they want and call it 'doing the work of the Lord'. NOT!! First, we had Pastor Le'Andria Johnson out on the streets recruiting homeless people by sharing and offering cigarettes to get them to come to church with her...

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Phoney Gospel Singer Johnny Mo Turns ‘Bump N Grind’ Song Into Jesus Song? [VIDEO] | AT2W

Friday, September 6, 2013

Tonex’ Says He’s Coming Back to Gospel Music?

tonex returns to gospel

 According to a report from the Gospel Guru, Tonex' is getting ready to come back to gospel. At least from the report it stated he’ll be performing at his first concert in 10 years at the historic Howard Theatre in DC on September 15th at 1PM. From the report, it made a point to state some of the comments that show others shaking their heads and saying people should have covered Tonex' while he was going through his pain; instead of talking bad about him.

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Former Gospel Artist Tonex’ aka B Slade Says He’s Coming Back to Gospel Music | AT2W
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