Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gospel artist, Evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole Helps B. Slade aka Tonéx

We just want to tell you, this is the most exciting news we have heard about B. Slade, formerly known as Tonex.  Many of you know, Anthony Charles Williams II came out of the closet as a gay man.  Now, at Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole’s 15th annual “Singers, Musicians & Arts Conference”, he appeared to be transforming into a new man.  In the above photo you can see Tonex, doing a holy dance for the Lord, along with Evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole.

According to , during the gospel music event, the seven-time Stellar Award-winning artist, best known for his smash hit, “Make Me Over,” was spotted crying, praising, and even breaking out in a dance alongside Clark-Cole—an image she posted on Facebook August 18.

Thank God for Tonex coming back to God, we need more ex-homosexuals to come back and testify about what God has done for them, so others will know it's wrong to be gay.  Also, God appreciates. Gospel artist Dorinda Clark Cole reaching out to him.

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