Monday, June 24, 2013

Who's left of the New Jersey Mass Choir, just Donnie Harper and one choir member?

RGA readers, of course we acknowledge gospel music no longer has great mass choirs like many years ago.  However, it's very sad to see Donnie Harper, the founder of The New Jersey Mass Choir standing alone.   Just because mass choirs within the black church is not as popular within this era, it does not mean Donnie Harper cannot rebirth New Jersey Mass Choir.  

We shouldn't love multiculturalism so much, we lose our gift of real gospel music, which has already happened among most artists within the gospel music industry.  However, New Jersey Mass Choir was one of those choirs that brought us authentic gospel that stirred our souls back in the day and since Donnie Harper is yet alive, there is still hope.

It seems like when he had one hit with the New Jersey Mass Choir, 'I Want to Know What Love is,' Harper's choir began to fade away like the rest of them.   We sort of felt that was going to happen, since God does not want us mixing our talent with the world.   If we remember correctly, that song went mainstream.  In that particular year, 1985, that's when gospel music began merging into a contemporary style.   Around that era, the Winans were coming out with their jazz style of gospel and even Tramaine Hawkins came out with the song, 'Fall Down,' and church people called themselves exercising, then pretty soon they were eventually dancing to it, just like sinners.  Speaking of Tramaine Hawkins, she had another hit after that one, 'In the Morning Time', which also went mainstream, because it sounded worldly, although the words included, '...wake up singing hallelujah in the morning time...'  Teenagers from the black church who loved gospel, but were becoming weak to listen to secular music realized some gospel artists' music could now be heard on secular radio.   Many of them were not too happy about it, because they wanted to hear the real thing, just secular music created by worldly music artists.

Yes indeed, we can recall the time when Harper's song came out as The New Jersey Mass Choir seemed to shrink.  No more would we hear more than one hundred voices like his first album that was recorded at 'The Ritz'.  That seemed to be the first and last album when Donnie Harper's mass choir was having church and the anointing sure was flowing on every song.  There was no carnality and people were heard praising the Lord without embarrassment.  After you listen to the following videos, you will hear the New Jersey Mass Choir in concert like they are having church, something the average choir would be afraid to do today, since the multi-cultural trend within many black churches are now trying to be mega churches with much sophistication.

God has still blessed Donnie Harper to be here, that's the main thing.  Many founders of mass choirs from years ago are now dead, but the anointing is yet here for those whom want it.   The memory of mass choirs does not have to be something of the past, but we have got so much riddles and jukebox beats in gospel music, in order to please rich celebrity preachers that will pay them to be like the some other weak puppets within the gospel music industry.  We have a lot of cutesy gospel, which is now wash down bubble gum tunes to bring in money without focusing on Jesus Christ.   Therefore, we really wish Harper would refuse to stand alone and bring back The New Jersey Mass Choir like it was at "The Ritz."  However, God is looking for him to be a leader and re-invent what now has been lost, not a follower who is afraid to be holy.  We believe many new gospel artists will follow him and avoid the trend of being a hip hop gospel or Christian rap artist who just want fame and fortune.   

May God bless Donnie Harper of The New Jersey Mass Choir and we will be praying for him.

The New Jersey Mass Choir at "The Ritz"
"Prayer Changes Things"

"Jesus Right on Time"


"I'll Serve Him (For the Rest of My Life)

 Donnie Harper without the New Jersey Mass Choir


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