Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gospel Music Artist CeCe Winans Want Fans to Help Get Nephew out of Prison

We cannot believe the arrogance we are actually witnessing by CeCe Winans asking fans to sign a petition to get her nephew out of prison.   She allegedly claims Michael Winans was targeted because of his name.   What name is greater than the name of Jesus?  It's certainly not the 'Winans.' 

You see this is the problem within the black church and gospel music industry, there is too much pride.  Many gospel artists are living like celebrities and enjoying so much fame and fortune, they think they can live however they want to and still say they are save.  We come to tell you, they've got to live what they sing and God is tired of all the hypocrisy and carnality among them.  They cannot continue to offend God and hurt people and expect Him to bail them out of trouble.  Now, if Michael created this ponzi scheme and never returned one cent to these victims, then he needs to pay for it.   It's time for people to realize that God is not pleased with many family members of the Winans, because just by CeCe Winans plea to fans, it seems as though they think they are above the law.  Let us remind you that the Bible clearly pointed out that the law is for the lawless.   Therefore, if Michael Winans committed a crime, he has to pay for itThen, she allegedly had the audacity to mention she's believing God for a miracle on her Twitter account "Please help my nephew Michael Winans Jr to stay free from prison. Praying for Gods mercy, believing for a miracle!"  Let us ask you, what type of God is this woman and her family serving?  Is He a God who puts Michael Winans ahead of the average prisoners?  Absolutely not!   Her request is ridiculous and she is allegedly lying on the victims, accusing them of targeting her nephew, God is not pleased.

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CeCe Winans Asks Fans to Help her Nephew Michael Winans Jr. 'Stay Out of Prison' by Signing Petition; Claims he Was Targeted Because of his Name 

Gospel singing superstar CeCe Winans has called on supporters to sign a petition to help keep her nephew, Michael Winans Jr., from serving a nearly 14-year prison term for wire fraud that targeted mostly churchgoers.

Winans pointed fans to an online petition via her Twitter account, writing: "Please help my nephew Michael Winans Jr to...Read full article, here.






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