Thursday, May 30, 2013

Christian Rapper Lecrae Comments about Criticism Over His Music

You know how the Word of God says we can't serve two masters in Matthew 6:24?  It should be obvious that the scripture is so accurate after hearing the news about Lecrae commenting on criticism coming from the church and the world.  The reason why he is not satisfying neither group, is because God's Word says he rather we be hot or cold than lukewarm and that scripture is found in Revelation 3:15. 

According to, Lecrae's music has been called, 'worldly' by the church and non-Christians called his music, 'too Christian' or 'too pagan.'   However, after viewing Lecrae allegedly making satanic hand signs, in our opinion his music is not Christian in any form.   Of course, the world is going to identify his music with being 'too Christian', simply because they don't know any better and they do not see many examples of true holiness among the performers in the gospel music industry today.  When they world listens to their type of music, they want pure secular, nothing hypocritical.    

Furthermore, if Lecrae is a part of the Illuminati, sold his soul to the Devil, his music is not Christian and does not represent God in any form or fashion.

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Christian Rapper Lecrae Addresses Criticism He Has Received Over His Faith and Music

Rapper and Christian evangelist Lecrae Moore recently spoke on some of the difficulty he has had with both Christians and non-Christians in balancing his faith and producing music that has been traditionally considered "worldly."

"There's always somebody saying one or the other about me," said Moore, typically referred to by his first name, commenting on...Read full article, here.


Source and Photo: Black Christian News




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