Sunday, September 30, 2012

How Did Kirk Franklin Become The Richest Man in Gospel?

Kirk Franklin richest man in gospel

How Did Kirk Franklin Become The Richest Man in Gospel?

There's one man who has become popular by changing the name and the game of gospel music. Though we have never endorsed nor appreciated the use of Jesus' name for profit, we thought we'd see what all of this is about. reported recently that website says gospel's richest man in the industry is Kirk Franklin? They say Kirk Franklin's net worth is  $8.5 million! That's a lot of money for doing gospel music.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gospel Singer Karen Clark-Sheard Gets Reality Show on BET: ‘The Sheards’

The Sheards Reality Show in production with BET

Gospel Singer Karen Clark-Sheard Gets Reality Show on BET: ‘The Sheards’

One report states that there's yet another gospel artist looking to be in the limelight a little more by starring in a reality show. We were not enthused when Mary Mary started their reality show along with Marvin Sapp and Kim Burrell. We just think its all self centered and not at all centered on God.

Well, according to, they knew about the forthcoming reality show featuring gospel singer sister from the The Clark Sisters, Karen Clark-Sheard and...

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Gospel Singer Byron Cage Is New Host for Radio One Show

byron cage radio one

Gospel Singer Byron Cage Named New Host for Radio One's Sunday Joy in D.C.

Byron Cage is not only the Minister of Music at Ebenezer AME Church in Fort Washington, MD and at St. Paul's Baptist Church in Richmond, VA, but he is now taking on a new role as the host of Radio One's Sunday Joy in Washington, D.C.

Report from Breathcast says:
Praise 104.1, D.C.'s Inspiration Station, is welcoming Byron Cage to its Sunday afternoon slot beginning October 7, 2012 from noon to 4PM...

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gospel Music Pioneer: Rev. Benjamin Cone Jr. Dies

Rev. Benjamin Cone of The Mississippi Mass Choir has died.  His memorial was this past Saturday, September 22, 2012.   Rev. Cone is remembered for his bare tone voice, telling stories of God's grace and forgiveness on various albums of the mass choir.  

Rev. Cone outlived the late Rev. James Moore, Rev. Frank Williams and possibly others whom died much younger than himself.  Therefore, God blessed him to lived a long life.  According to, he would have been 75 years old on his September 28th birthday. 

May Rev. Benjamin Cone rest in peace.  He will be missed by many within the gospel music industry.

Gospel News: Gospel Music Has Lost One Of It’s Most Vibrant Voices

Today on Sunday Morning Praise, we are sad to announce that the gospel community has lost a legendary musician. Malaco Records has informed us of the passing of Rev. Benjamin Cone...Read full article, here.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gospel's Le'Andria Johnson Rebukes The Church?

Le'Andria Johnson baby daddy and rebuking the church
Photo: Leandria Johnson and man (not necessarily baby's father)

Gospel's Le'Andria Johnson Rebukes The Church?

Gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson is feeling persecuted by the church and others. As news was reported recently, she became pregnant and had the child out of wedlock. She's a single mother who has been divorced twice and says her name has been drug in the mud about the choices and or mistakes she has made in her life.
“You get pregnant out of wedlock and the whole world turns against you. That's how it felt,” she said in an interview with Essence Magazine.
She just welcomed a new son into the world named, Caelington Forrest Walker. Eur Web is reporting Le'Andria Johnson gave birth to her fourth child on September 12, 2012 Caelington Forrest Walker who was named after his father and Le' Andria’s long time mate, Forrest Walker...

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Bishop Paul Morton’s Son PJ Morton Says: 'Why Can't I Sing About Love?'

pj morton new book why can't i sing love songs
Bishop Paul Morton’s Son PJ Morton Says: 'Why Can't I Sing About Love?'

P.J. Morton is a 28-year-old singer, who happens to be the son of renowned pastors Bishop Paul S. Morton (Changing a Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta) and Dr. Debra B. Morton (Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans). He has written a new book called “Why Can’t I Sing About Love?”

The book tackles the issue and the myth, he calls it, that "all Christian singers must record and perform gospel music," reports

P.J. Morton explains in his book about God and why love songs were in the bible as well as scriptures that he uses for skeptics:

“I hope that the book causes people to see how big God is and that His affects reach far beyond the church and church music,”...

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gospel Artist Nicole C. Mullen’s Daughter Survives Fatal Car Crash

Nicole C. Mullen gospel artist's daughter life speared in car accident
Gospel singer, Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter, Nicole C. Mullen was up in arms when she arrived at the scene of a car accident that could have been fatal which involved her daughter Jasmine last Thursday.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rhythm of Rebellion: Gospel Music Artists use the same trap set in Hip Hop and Rock and Roll

We are going to tell you right now, gospel music artists using the same trap set, the same drum beats as secular music artists is very wrong.   There are demonic beats in worldly music and for the church to allow this during worship services or even allow a gospel artists to perform with music they got from the world, is inviting evil spirits into the sanctuary.   The average church is no longer God's House when you use worldly beats in your worship songs, it then becomes the House of Satan.   God created music and does not need the Devil's help when putting gospel songs into the minds of the gospel artists.   Therefore, you need to be careful of which gospel artist you listen to and even which church you attend that allows this sort of shameful hypocrisy.

Now, we are going to show you a video by these two ministers whom are revealing satanic forces in gospel music.   We know we skipped to Part 20, but we have other articles to present to you.   If we have time, we will go back, but for now, we want you to take heed to what Minister Sean Davis and Minister Cary Rodgers is saying on this following video.  You will learn why many pastors are no longer reaching out to the troubled black community, but instead spoiling them by allowing them to bring this junk in the church while receiving millions of dollars off of hip hop dominating gospel, which is not really saving nor delivering lost souls, but keeping them with a demon of Rhythm and Rebellion.  Any church that agrees and supports secular set traps used in gospel music is not God's House, but it is allegedly being controlled Satan and his demons.

Part 20-EXCLUSIVE!!! The Rhythm of Rebellion EXPOSED!!! 


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gospel Music artists can you welcome the Holy Ghost like Rev. Louis Overstreet???

Real gospel music stirs the soul and makes you enter into another realm where the Holy Ghost is controlling the atmosphere, you are not doing it yourself.   This is what has been lost in most black churches and even at most gospel concerts today, the anointing of the Holy Ghost moving from the gospel artist to the people whom cannot stop praising God, because the supernatural presence is so strong.   Back in the era of Rev. Louis Overstreet, there was no such thing as celebrities in the House of God or even at a gospel concert.  Only a gospel singer and musician was known sharing their gift with those whom only sought to feel the Holy Ghost moving through their souls as they praised God without sophistication or hesitation.

Unashamedly, Rev. Louis Overstreet had a church service similar to many other gospel greats whom were also ministers of God's Word.  Back in those days of the 1940's and 50's it was not relevant to be accepted by white congregants and black church folks just wanted God to be honored and glorified where ever gospel hymns were sung.  Yes, the black church was more separate from the white church, but there was more unity among African Americans whom did not mind having church while listening to their favorite gospel singer preach in his songs, often times.  In there everyday lives, life was hard times among many church people and even gospel artists.  Therefore, it was very important that they reached a divine presence which conquered the enemy that fought them in that era of segregation.   They more humble and not shy about allowing the Holy Ghost to move them into a holy dance, which was purely sanctification, completely non-identical to worldly dancing.  Therefore, no choreographer was ever needed when gospel artists would bless many souls in that particular era.  Very rare, do we see this sort of church service controlled by the Holy Spirit today whenever a gospel artist perform in front of their audience, unless the church is completely full gospel, opposed to the hip-hop nightclub atmosphere.

You see, Pentecostal ministers like Rev. Louis Overstreet were Godly sincere men and were not ashamed to be different, from the world.  Back in those days, it was a disgrace to mingle with the secular music industry and so God-fearing men like himself drew a crowd whom also were opposed to secular music.  Also on the following video, you will see women who shouted in the spirit were not dressed like harlots and Rev. Overstreet was not dressed as a thug or an athlete, but they all were appropriately dressed in the House of God.  They all had respect for God and had some decency about themselves.

Thank God for the memory of Rev. Louis Overstreet, such a powerful dynamic gospel artist who should never be forgotten, but honored for singing real gospel congregational songs that welcomed the Holy Ghost to touch many souls whom admired his talent.   

In 1947, Rev. Overstreet was born in Louisiana.  He often evangelized on the streets and later on was the pastor of St. Luke Powerhouse Church of God in Christ in Phoenix, Arizona. He died in 1980.

Watch Rev. Louis Overstreet sing under the anointing of the Holy Ghost


Friday, September 14, 2012

Donnie McClurkin Admits to Fathering a Son Out of Wedlock

donnie mcclurkin and kirk franklin interview on tbn about his unwedlock child
Donnie McClurkin Admits to Fathering a Son Out of Wedlock

Gospel artist and pastor Donnie McClurkin reveals some personal information about his past on a recent episode of TBN's Praise The Lord. In April 2000, he stated he became a father and had son named Matthew who is now 12. McClurkin considered fathering a child out of wedlock as a "personal failure," but stated "I don't regret my son. I love him." McClurkin apparently has not been in the child's life for some time but wants to make a change for the good now.

Donnie McClurkin admits it has been a struggle to break the cycle of being a father who neglects his children.

"Although my dad was in the home, he never spent time with me," he told Kirk Franklin.
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Le’Andria Johnson’s “If Jesus Can’t Fix It’ And Interview

Le'Andria Johnson If Jesus Can't Fix It
Le'Andria Johnson's "If Jesus Can't Fix It' And Interview

Le’Andria Johnson’s brand new single, “If Jesus Can’t Fix It” is the second gospel single off of the forthcoming live CD/DVD release, “Le’Andria Johnson The Experience,” which will be released on September 18th.

Check out the interview HERE

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Update: Gospel Music Artist Michael Winans Jr. charged with Ponzi scheme

RGA readers, we do not know if you recall the previous story about Michael Winans Jr. Ponzi scheme,  a few years ago.  Now we are bringing you an update to inform you he has now been charged. You can see that previous report at  To our knowledge, his father, Michael Winans, Sr. was also being allegedly investigated a few years ago and we have no update on his charge.  However, we wanted to share our thoughts, regarding the Winans family.

Sisters and brothers in Christ, since the 1980's this family has allegedly took the substance out of God's music, real gospel music.   He has not been pleased with their carnality.   If you recall the previous documentary of Bebe and CeCe, their parents, Mom and Pop Winans were originally not in favor with their type of music.   Remember, the old cliche, 'money talks.'    Eventually, after they became a success, we could imagine all of the things they could do after contracts were sign by mainstream record companies and their producers.   When you are able to live better than usual and not struggling to make ends meet, regulations according to God's Word began to cease.  Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy (I Peter 1:16).   Also in I John 2:15, God's Word reminds us, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.' As you know, this happened with many other gospel music artists, they changed for their record companies, instead of remaining the same for Jesus Christ.   Now, we want to let you know these alleged charges of Michael Winans, Jr. running a Ponzi Scheme does not surprise us, because after this longtime rebellion among some Winans family members refusing to present God's music with complete holiness for so long, no telling what they may give into.

When Michael Winans, Jr. got caught in this Ponzi scheme, it was around when we started in this national recession.   Therefore, if everyone else in this country was feeling the economic strain, then possibly so was the entire Winans family.  As we all know, this recession has been so bad, many celebrity music artists, even secular ones have also financially suffered, but it does not make it right for any of them to get caught up in an illegal scheme.   Now, we are aware,
not all of the Winans family members have been involved in this Ponzi scheme.   However, God is not pleased and if any of them were having financial hardships, there is nothing wrong with any of them being seen working behind the counter at McDonald's or sweeping the floor at Burger King or even being maid in the Governor's mansion.  Michael Winans could have done any of these things, if he was not making enough money like his aunts or uncles, who also may not be making enough income these days.

Most gospel artists of this era are always making mockery of traditional gospel music, but they fail to recognize back in the early 1980's, 70's and previous years, there were no reports of any family in the gospel music industry breaking the law and involving themselves in Ponzi schemes.  Now, why do you think that is?   Simply because, gospel artists in those days were more into God, they were more sincere and did not even mind having some real church during their gospel music concerts or even in church during their recording sessions.   Gospel artists back in the day, glorified God and were more holy and sanctified.   There should be a difference between church music and worldly music.   No telling, what else we may hear in the media like Kirk Franklin allegedly being addicted to porn, several years ago.   Gospel music artists of today are making music in the flesh and not in the spirit, do not be surprise what else the Devil may get them to do.

 View Official State Documents

 Watch Video

Fox 2 News Headlines

Michael Winans Jr. charged with Ponzi scheme

LANSING, Mich. (AP) - A member of the Winans gospel-music family has been charged with fraud in an $8 million scam involving bogus bonds.

Federal prosecutors in Detroit filed the charge this week against Michael Winans Jr. His attorney, William Hatchett, said Thursday that a guilty plea is expected at an undetermined date.

The government says Winans knew the Saudi Arabian oil bonds weren't real...Read full article, here.


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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Marvin Sapp’s Dream Comes True: Grand Opening of Ellington Academy in Grand Rapids | AT2W

Grand Rapids Ellington Academy for Arts and Technology

Marvin Sapp's Dream Comes True: Grand Opening of Ellington Academy in Grand Rapids

The opening of Grand Rapids Ellington Academy for Arts and Technology in West Michigan is the first performing arts school in the area. It's grand opening was on Tuesday, September 4th.

News outlet reported:

The founders, the late Dr. MaLinda Sapp and husband, grammy winning performing artist, Marvin Sapp, had plans to open the school in 2008 as one of Grand Rapids Schools of Innovation. Those plans were halted just before that school year. Then, in 2010, Dr. Sapp lost her long battle with colon cancer. Many, especially hopeful students,...

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gospel Singer Darwin Hobbs Loses Over 70 Pounds for Better Health!

darwin hobbs and traci hobbs

Gospel Singer Darwin Hobbs Loses Over 70 Pounds for Better Health!

We are ecstatic to hear Darwin Hobbs has took to a healthier lifestyle and lost a whole lot of weight! We have had him on our hearts, just as we had Aretha Franklin, and have been praying that they would get to a healthier weight. And they have.

Thanks to our friends at EEW Magazine for the update. Read it below:

According to the report, the singer has dropped an impressive 70 pounds with the help of his personal trainer.

Darwin and wife Traci Hobbs have both been put into better shape by Trainer Lorenzo Everhard. Traci has lost 48 pounds while training.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago at 'Made In America Music Festival'

Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago are scheduled to perform at Jay-Z’s Made in America Music Festival during the Labor Day Weekend on Sunday, September 2

Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago at 'Made In America Music Festival'

Well, this is pretty interesting. We are not sure why a gospel group would accept the invitation from a rap artist to perform at his event but we surely pray this gospel group makes an impact. 

Listen to this: If you are going to go to one of these events, you had better let God's light shine so brightly, everyone in there will fall to their feet and accept Jesus. That is our prayer.

Read report from Eurweb:

Charles Jenkins performs the hit single 'Awesome' and more this Labor Day Weekend in Philly for Made In America.  Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago will perform for an hour, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ...

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gospel Singer BeBe Winans Chooses To Perform at RNC and Uninvited to DNC Conventions | AT2W

bebe winans god bless america

Gospel Singer BeBe Winans Chooses To Perform at RNC and Uninvited to DNC Conventions

Bebe Winans performed at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa on Thursday night. There's only one debate about his closing on that night. Why is he a registered Democrat who campaigned for President Obama in 2008 and performing at the RNC for this election?
Is there a reason why he is crossing party lines or is he?
"I want to remind people that before any association with any party that we're all Americans," he told The Washington Post of the unpaid gig. "No matter who wins, if we don't come together and really invest in the country we love, we're not going to solve the problems."

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R&B Singer Chaka Khan Planning a Gospel Album?

R&B Singer Chaka Khan Planning a Gospel Album?

We now have Chaka Khan giving her try on singing gospel. BET's The Gospel According to Torrence has reported she's working on a Gospel EP which should be released in January.

We saw Chaka Khan sing gospel at Oprah's Gospel Brunch on Youtube and of course she did a great job. All we ask is if she can do it in a way that exemplifies the heart of God. We pray she does not invite the hip hop and R&B into the mix.

But we have to say that we wish artists would choice one or the other. We know that people have talents in many different areas but it really does confuse their audience into thinking its o.k. to serve two masters. This is mentioned only in the sense that the genres are mixed and it gives us a distorted sense of holiness and total reverence to God.
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