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Gospel music artist and actress Tamela Mann speaks with Essence about new gospel project and more!!

We just think it is awesome how God has blessed this sensational gospel music artist, Tamela Mann.  We have enjoyed her acting on Tyler Perry play throughout the years and because of her gifted beautiful voice, it added such quality to Perry's plays.   Tamela Mann has been singing for the glory of God for a very longtime and she has been a blessing to the entire gospel music industry.   When you find such a talented artists like this one, it is good to appreciate it.

Thanks to, we now acknowledge she has been interviewed by Essence, regarding her new gospel album, working with Whitney Houston in the movie Sparkle and how God blessed her to lose weight.

Essence exclusive interview with Tamela Mann on weight Loss, new gospel project and working with Whitney Houston in ‘Sparkle’!
by The Church Lady

 I so love me some Tamela Mann from Tyler Perry’s popular sitcom ‘Meet the Browns’ so I guess you can only imagine how disappointed I was to find out it was cancelled.  However, I am excited to see such great things happening with Tamela’s career.  Long gone are the days of the Tyler Perry play circuit.  

Tamela recently sat down and talked with essence about her new gospel album...Read full article, here.
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Is Gospel Mime in the Modern Black Church Anointed?

black church mime, gospel mime

Is Gospel Mime in the Modern Black Church Anointed?

Gospel mime is a growing trend in many African-American Christian churches across the U.S.
It was in Western cultures, pantomime has usually been associated with French performers and street artists. The silent art is often performed in Japanese and Indian spiritual traditions. But in recent years, the black church has taken up the art form, reinterpreting pantomime and combining it with a Christian message, says Detroit Free Press.
"You're bringing the word of God to life, illuminating it," explained Minister Myra Morrison, 47 of Detroit. "You're preaching with your body. It's not about entertainment. It's about ministry."
Yolanda Smith, a Yale Divinity School lecturer who also performs liturgical dance says "Gospel mime comes out of a history of spiritual expression that stretches back centuries in America and Africa".
"In African-American churches, movement has always been a part of our history, a part of our heritage," Smith said. She cited the ring shout, a form of expression that started during slavery and is rooted in Africa.
 Read full article at AT2W

Gospel's Marvin Sapp's 'Single Dad' Reality Show- Sneak Peek [VIDEO]

marvin sapp reality show single dad

Gospel's Marvin Sapp's 'Single Dad' Reality Show- Sneak Peek [VIDEO]

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Gospel Music Industry Loses Gospel Artists From Life to Death

Gospel Music Industry Loses Gospel Artists From Life to Death

Willa Ward Royster,  sister of Clara Ward and original member of the Clara Ward Singers died this month at the age of 92.The Ward Singers began as a trio consisting of Mother Gertrude Ward and sisters Clara and Willa Ward in 1931. The Ward Singers would began touring nationally in 1943 and in later years would add the likes of Marion Williams, Henrietta Waddy, Kitty Parham, Esther Ford and  Frances Steadman.  Willa Ward chronicled her life and times with the group in her autobiography, How I Got Over in 1997. Source

The Lucy Smith Trio, Gladys Beamon Dies

Gladys Beamon Gregory, a member of the famed Little Lucy Smith Singers, died on August 12.
Gregory was born in Chicago in 1925 and she was a member of the original Lucy Smith Trio from All Nations Pentecostal Church on Chicago's South Side, whose founder and pastor, Elder Lucy Smith, was the first African American minister in Chicago to broadcast her worship services over the radio.
The Lucy Smith Trio became the Little Lucy Smith Singers (photo, right), with Smith, Gregory, Catherine Campbell, and Sarah McKissick.  Their sweet harmonies were captured on several singles for Leonard Allen's States label, including their hit, "Somebody Bigger Than You And I."  They also backed Singing Sammy Lewis on one single. Source

Andre Lester Mobley, 46, a founding member of the platinum selling-ensemble, Shekinah Glory Ministry, passed away on August 2nd from blood clot complications. This tragic death comes just weeks after another veteran member of the group, Pepe Epting, suddenly died of renal failure in June.
Mobley, who was born November 17, 1965, joined Valley Kingdom Ministries (the church home of Shekinah Glory Ministry and Kingdom Records) on April 5, 1992 when he played the organ during the 8 a.m. service. He played on three of Shekinah Glory Ministry’s hit recordings, including “Praise Is What I Do”, “Live” and “Jesus”. He did not play on the group’s forthcoming CD, “Surrender”, that was recorded live at Valley Kingdom this past April and will be released nationally on September 25th. Mobley’s survivors include two children, Andrea and Avery. Source

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pastor Shirley Caesar Talks New Music and Trying to Keep Her Integrity in Gospel Music

Shirley Caesar New Music, Tonex
(Photo: Praise Test)

Pastor Shirley Caesar Talks New Music and Trying to Keep Her Integrity in Gospel Music

Reports state in a interview with Pastor and gospel singer Shirley Caesar that she knows her audience so well, she says they can expect songs in the traditional sprinkled "with a contemporary flavor."  She says the album will have "country gospel, traditional gospel, as well as contemporary gospel, [and] praise and worship songs."  Caesar admits her listeners can look forward to a few surprises but will not hear anything that compromises her integrity as a representative of Christ.
So, let's see what else she claims she won't do without jeopardizing her position with the Lord.
"I've been pitched a's called 'Hey Mr. Lover.'  It's about a couple who has seemingly fallen out of love, and the wife is saying, 'Hey Mr. Lover, will you love me again?  Will you be my best friend?'  But I'm not gonna record it [for this album] because I know many times, those that you think would be amenable and friendly toward you in doing that--" Pastor Caesar stops just short of completing her thought before adding, "I pray that I'm still a representative of Pentecostal persuasion, and I'm just afraid to take that chance, so I will not have songs like that on there."
We are not sure why she would consider even singing this song 'Hey Lover' as a pastor and gospel singer for the Lord but she states above she may add it to another album later. Does this make much sense to anyone?
The pastor acknowledges that she was even initially hesitant about her hip-hop collaboration with then-Tonéx on the radio hit "I Know the Truth."

We stated this time last year about how then gospel artist Tonex AKA B Slade and Shirley Caesar were dead wrong for doing this song in the above video. Here's what RGA has to say then:
God is not pleased with the devilish lifestyles of gospel artists since back in the days of the Caravans and possibly before that era.  There is a curse that should have been lifted by now, but if the church is not right, can they discipline the gospel artists?   The church should be so righteous, gospel artists would feel very uncomfortable to sing God's music while being a hypocrite.   However, these gospel artists know right from wrong.  Many like Tonex and Shirley Caesar were raised in the church that taught holiness like many others.  Source
"I was leery about rapping," she admits, "but because [the song] had nothing negative in it, I tried it."
"I'm hoping and praying that the Lord will give me a million seller or a 500,000 seller," appends Pastor Caesar.  "I'd like to have all of that, but not at the expense of losing my following."

While she may not want to lose her following, it is her soul she should be concerned with before even considering those that follow her. It's God we need to be pleasing not man. Also, she's even more concerned with how much money she'll bring in. It just reminds of of how she was the one back in the day when the gospel music industry was starting to make millions and everyone was jumping the bandwagon.

We are not sure if this interview showed any real repentance about dabbling in rap and hip hop from Shirley Caesar. There seemed to be more accepting and excuse making if anything.


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Gospel Artist Vicki Winans' Niece Dies

vickie winans niece dies

Gospel Artist Vicki Winans' Niece Dies

Dannielle "Precious" Wasson, niece of Vickie Winans and Tim Bowman, Sr., passed away on Thursday due to cancer complications.  She was 30 years old.

eddie and cathy williams tct
Wasson is the daughter of Eddie and Cathy Williams, marriage seminar counselors and regular hosts on the TCT television network.  Cathy is Vickie and Tim's sister.
In addition to her parents, Wasson is survived by her husband, two daughters, one sister, a host of aunts and uncles, and other family and friends.

Let's keep the entire family in prayer at this time.

Have Gospel Artists Mary Mary Gone Too Far As Christians on Their Reality Show?

mary mary reality show shows male strippers?
(Photo: theprayingwoman)
Have Gospel Artists Mary Mary Gone Too Far As Christians on Their Reality Show?

We hate to say this but we said it would be like this. We were not keen on the idea of Mary Mary having a reality show and figured it would be pretty 'ghetto-fabulous' to say the least. Well, we haven't watched the show at all but heard about a recent clip from an episode on their upcoming season.
The last time we spoke on Mary Mary's reality show was when it was the rage all over the internet that they were taking pole dancing lessons. Like most people, we disagreed with it and it was really funny to see sister Tina act as though she was not 'down' with it. You know, as if she's trying to maintain some holiness...

Read more at AT2W

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Is Matthew Knowles' Music World Recording Label Losing Its Gospel Artists?
(Photo courtesy of: AlwaysAList)
Is Matthew Knowles' Music World Recording Label Losing Its Gospel Artists?

There's good news in the air, folks. It's like a dream come true for those of us who never liked the idea of Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles of Music World coming onto the gospel scene and trying to take it over with his secular roots. Excuse us for being so excited but we felt this would happen sooner or later.

Big news has come our way that the label is crumbling to its knees as we speak. Let's go over some of the downfalls for the Music World label and what's going on now.

According to reports, the trouble for Matthew Knowles' Music World recording label, regarding the gospel artists, started back when they had a dispute with Cathy Hughes' Radio One.

Read full report and the latest at AT2W!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Christian Music Artist Exposed: Amy Grant Gets Close to Gene Simmons on Video

Let us be straightforward with all of you christian music artists whom think it is okay for you to associate yourselves with rock stars like the members from KISS, 'it's not ever okay with God for you to socialize them behind the scenes or even on camera' like Amy Grant seen here in the above photo.   God is not pleased with those whom minister in song, rubbing shoulders with those whom may have been alleged Satan worshipers.    Amy Grant will have to someday give an account to God, for she has gone too far.   

On this following video, Gene Simmons claims he loves christian music, but if you notice, he does not leave out rock and roll.  Either you serve God or the Devil, 'no man can serve to masters' as the Word told us more than once, once in Matthew 6:24 and then it can be found in Luke 16:13.  The same thing goes for Amy Grant.  She is really in trouble with God, because she is supposed to come out from darkness and be completely holy, not grin in the face of a rock star who has painted himself up on stage, appearing as an alleged demonic entertainer.  God will not ever receive Amy Grant or any other christian music or gospel music artists whom associates with worldly entertainers as the Word already told us in 2 Cor. 6:17, 'Therefore come out from among them, and be you separate, says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.' 

Although, Gene Simmons has denied KISS means 'Knights in Satan's Service', according to, we question why the group's alleged demonic appearance for many years.   Regardless of the meaning of the name of his group, Amy Grant has no business hanging out with him or any other secular entertainer.   The Bible says in I John 2:15, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'

It all starts around 9:00 when she appears so happy to see Gene Simmons as though they are the best of friends.   We would like very much for Amy Grant to answer this question, does she love Jesus Christ more than Gene Simmons?  Then, another question, would she let go of her associations with those whom are rock stars for God and represent Him in her future performances with complete holiness?   RGA readers, God has given Amy Grant plenty of time to repent and she continues to cross genres as though God agrees with it.  One day she will have to stand before God and it will be everlasting too late.  She needs to stop while God is being so merciful and patiently waiting for her to turn around and completely yield to His expectations and not of this world.

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Where's The Anointed Voice of Le'Andria Johnson Before The Fame?

Leandria Johnson 'My Story Continues' 
(Photo: magic springs)

Where's The Anointed Voice of Le'Andria Johnson Before The Fame?

We are not very surprised but gospel phenomenon Le'Andria Johnson, who wowed everyone on Season 3 of BET's Sunday Best, is not sounding very much like gospel. We were afraid this would happen when we first heard of her after the competition. She has such an anointing voice for God and it was unlike what many artists sound like today.

Unfortunately, Le'Andria's voice is still the same but the secular sound and lyrics of the songs being produced for her are not the gospel anointing we all grew to love and know her by.

Read full story and take a listen to her new single at AT2W

Friday, August 17, 2012

Gospel Artist Trin-i-tee 5:7 leaves Matthew Knowles Music World Entertainment

Trin-i-tee 5:7 is leaving Matthew Knowles' Music World Entertainment? It seems like these gospel artists are finally opening up their eyes.   Now, Trin-t-tee 5:7, has one more step to go, either leave the entire gospel music industry and go completely secular or change the way they represent themselves better as followers of Christ, if they remain gospel artists.  God wants His music to be holy, because gospel music is to reach souls to live for Him, not to remain the same and identify with unsaved ones within the world.  'Because it is written, You will be holy; for I am holy (I Peter 1:16).'

We wonder if  Trin-i-tee 5:7 are really leaving Mr. Knowles' company? 
  The reason why we question if this is true, we heard the same thing before, with Micah Stampley, and we still see his music is allegedly connected on Music World's website, which you can see for yourself.  Now, we do not know why we still see Micah Stampley's page there, but it is mighty strange, after the announcement was made he was leaving, he seems to yet be connected to Mr. Matthew Knowles.  However, they may change their mind once they see more money set before them.  Today's average gospel artists are not in gospel music for ministry, but for entertainment which gives them fame and fortune and if Mr. Knowles waves more grands per month in their faces, they may remain forever under his record label.


Award-Winning Gospel Duo Trin-i-tee 5:7 parts Ways with Music World Entertainment and Matthew Knowles 

We  Received this  notice today from Trin-I-Tee 5:7  lawyers notifying us that music producer and CEO of Music World Entertainment, Matthew Knowles, has released the sensational gospel music duo from its record company roster.

 Are you surprised? I’m not.  Word on the street is, allegedly, ” if  it ain’t  Matthew Knowle’s way it’s the highway” and  from reading the release it appears the gospel duo wanted to...
Read full article, here.


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Gospel Music Set Apart- Sunday Gospel Music Selections

GMSA's Gospel Selections for Sunday
(photo: 701 Records)
Gospel Music Set Apart- Sunday Gospel Music Selections

Take a listen to all of the great gospel music our sister site "Gospel Music Set Apart" has in store for you this Sunday. Here are the selections they have for you today:

Evelyn Turrentine-Agee Sings "Work it Out"
The Canton Spirituals Sing: "Heavenly Choir"
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir- "Spirit Fall Down"
Gospel's Katie Sankey Sings: "I Don't Know Why"
"God Specializes": Gloria Griffin, Donald Vails and Others
Daryl Coley : "Can't Tell It All"
and much more!!

Listen to Gospel Music Set Apart HERE

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The Rhythm of Rebellion in gospel music controlling the youth: Lucifer, creator of music in rebellion against God

Since you have been following our articles, you know we have decided to inform you about this series, 'The Rhythm of Rebellion,' authored by two men of God, Ministers Sean Davis and Cary Rodgers.  They reveal the reason why many youth in the church are against God and even rebelling against their parents.  It all began with Lucifer who was the master of music.  God gave Lucifer a gift, but when he turned against God, He created His own rhythm and a lot of it has moved into many churches, deceiving a lot of our youth.  Now, this sort of music is allowed within many churches and created by many gospel artists whom have used rhythms similar to secular artists.

Ministers Davis and Rodgers mentioned the scripture found in Ezekiel 28:13, which reveals how music was in Lucifer from the beginning of time.  Therefore, the church has no business using his music to make more money nor sharing the fame with his children, in our opinion.  When Satan rebelled against God, his music was no longer a part of God's Kingdom.  So, we are not to ever listen nor use his music and put the words of God in it, it should be very easy for all of us to understand.   Therefore, you can now understand why God said to love not the world, neither things in it (I John 2:15), which includes music created by Satanic forces.  Many of these gospel artists whom have blended their music with hip hop, rock, and pop are not doing the work for God, but they are winning souls for Satan and this is why they are showing no difference between themselves and secular artists.  As we can see today among many gospel artists, they are performing for self-glorification instead of drawing their fans to worship God.   This is what Lucifer did before he was cast into hell, he rebelled against God, because he did not want God to have any glory, he was selfish and desired it all for himself.  Think about it, many of the secular artists whom perform hip-hop, rock and pop are famous, because their fans glorify them and so many gospel artists are in rebellion, because they want that same attention.

So, just listen to how these two men of God explain the dangers of today's music that has been allowed in the average church and within the gospel music industry.

Watch Video, The Rhythm of Rebellion EXPOSED-Part 2A

Part 2B-EXCLUSIVE!!! The Rhythm of Rebellion EXPOSED!!! 




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Gospel's James Fortune's New Video "Hold On" Plays Into the Gospel Industry Trend

James Fortune making music with Fre Hammond and Monica
(Photo: Joy105)

Gospel's James Fortune's New Video "Hold On" Plays Into the Gospel Industry Trend

After James Fortune, a longtime gospel singer has been exposed from a past child abuse case involving his stepson, he continues on from the scandal and releases a new video. The video from his single "Hold On", features modern day and R&B gospel singer Fred Hammond. They even intertwined more of the worlds music in this project by also featuring R&B singer Monica.

We realize that the charges against Mr. Fortune were from years ago and he is still reaping from it but we just want to know why gospel singers just have to mix in with the world's music? We would think that after such public turmoil was released for all to know about this child abuse, he would straighten up and fly right.

Read full article at AT2W

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Preacher explains why you cannot mix hip hop or any other genre with gospel music

Sorry, we did not hear back yet who this preacher is, but he sure is telling the truth about gospel music.   He is so close to God, he does not agree with any genre being mixed with gospel music.   He explains the scripture found I Samuel 16:16 that a harp was played to drive out an evil spirit.  The Bible never said Saul rhymed poetry, added any other musical element or any thing else, he just simply played a harp to drive out the demon.  Therefore, many of these gospel artists you are listening to today who are blending their gospel music with secular music are unknowingly putting in demons into the music, because they have allowed demonic forces to control their creativity by using secular styles of music.

Interim, some gospel artists who have been guilty for many years of adding musical elements from the worldly genres into their music have unknowingly caused not only a lot of rebellion among the youth in the church, but also adults whom may have been rebellious to obeying God's Word and also struggling with addiction with various types of lusts.   This preacher makes the point, 'this is the trouble among the youth in the church today,' but really, if you have lived 35 or more years, you can recall certain gospel and christian artists that began the style of Jazz, R & B and Soul into their music: Amy Grant, the Archers, the Winans, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Edwin and Walter Hawkins, the Hawkins Family, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and other similar gospel artists.  This change within the gospel music industry began back in the 1980's.  If you noticed as the music became more secularized within the gospel music industry, the more young folks years ago, became rebellious and got further away from God. Many people like to add Rev. James Cleveland to the list after he died, claiming that he had an identical style to Louis Armstrong, but really, we could tell Cleveland's gospel songs were very different from secular jazz and we could feel the Holy Spirit in his songs. The only made claim, because they were guilty of completely changing gospel music, after the King of gospel died and they know if he was alive, he would not have agreed with hip hop gospel being within the church nor the gospel music industry.   Now, we do not think you can have some sort of creativity in gospel music, but there should not be any similarities with secular music. There should be a limit and there should be strict guidelines within any church, including the gospel music industry.   That's what it was when the King of gospel, Rev. James Cleveland was alive, there were strict guidelines that was not necessarily presented to the black church and gospel music industry, but gospel artists and even those whom enjoyed their music knew how far to go.   We knew you could not be identical to the world while worshiping God.   These days, gospel artists have collaborated so much with secular artists, there certainly needs to be guidelines enforced within the gospel music industry and especially in the church.   

Back in the day, Rev. Al Green even stopped singing soul music before coming to Christ.   He got saved and delivered and then preached the gospel while separating his music from the world, now as you can see, although he is still preaching as a pastor, he sings both soul and gospel music.   Either way, God desires for us to have some distinction from the world, to drive out evil spirits, but if you use Satan's creativity in your songs, you are welcoming demons into the music, which is called 'strange fire', according to this preacher.  It is so very clear what this preacher was saying on this following video.  In Matthew 6:25, the Bible tell us, 'No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.'  Therefore, gospel artists are not supposed to sing for the world and the church at the same time, they must choose to do either.   Also, gospel artists are not supposed to blend God's music with the Devil's music.

Gospel music has gotten so far away from God, it is time for ministers of music along with their pastors to make a wise decision and not offend God by blending 'strange fire' into their music, because when doing so, it is no different than listening to secular music.

We paid close attention to how this preacher was honest enough to admit when he was doing hip hop performances, no one even expressed their gratitude and the different women would give him their phone numbers as though he was a secular artist.   Now, we tell you, this man of God is definitely called to preach God's Word, because we have heard no other preacher make such an honest confession like him.   

Furthermore, we have always tried to tell you the truth and how this preacher forewarns the church about gospel music comes real close to what we have been saying, all along.

Read more articles like this one @

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Is Gospel Rap , Hip Hop, Techno, Rock, Jazz, R'n'B, Soul, Trance, Heavy Metal of God???



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Gospel Singer Kim Burrell's New Reality Show: 'Whatever It Takes'

Kim Burrell New Reality Show: "Whatever It Takes"
Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Has New Reality Show: 'Whatever It Takes'

Kim Burrell says:
“I’ll do whatever it takes to sustain the momentum of my success as long as I have my dream team.”
Kim's team consists of flamboyant brand manager, Krishnar Lewis, Karen Smith, Kenneth Jackson & the team members of the Manhattan-based PR & Management firm, Lewis Agency, report says.

The show will feature how Kim Burrell keeps her public appearance alive and fresh but it will also feature heavily on the secret illness of her brand manager, Krishnar who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The article states it is colon cancer but the doctor on the video preview below states he has cancer of the rectum and it has spread to his colon.

Read full article at AT2W

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Rhythm of Rebellion EXPOSED in gospel music, many youth lost in the black church

Ministers Sean Davis and Cary Rodgers did a series on The Rhythm of Rebellion and they have shared this information to explain why there are yet so many young people dying and not being saved and delivered in the black church or any other church.   The connection of hip hop and rock with God's music are distracting them from being in total submission to God's Word.  Many of our youth are in rebellion while being hypnotized by the beat of the music, but not really listening to it, to be close to God.   They are in a trans when they listen to christian rap, hip hop gospel or even christian rock music, which is controlled by the demon of rebellion.   

Our brothers in Christ brought up a very good point about God's government in warfare with Satan's government.  Did you know we have spiritual governments?   Satan has been trying to control God's government through christian rap, hip hop gospel and christian rock and he has not stopped yet, because many of today's pastors are getting rich off of this music, in other-wards, they are sharing the wealth.   These ministers whom are sharing the wealth are ignoring the fact that they cannot blend God's government with Satan's government. Therefore, when you go to church, think about which government the church is under, God or the Devil.   The Devil's government is making it look like hip hop gospel, christian rap and christian rock are the only way to win the youth, when in fact, he is still capturing them into hell, because they are addicted to the music and not God.   Think about it, which government does the gospel music industry belong to?  It's certainly not God, because they have allowed money to control how they create their music and how gospel artists perform at their concerts.

Saints of God, this is the intro to this series and it is very clear, you cannot mix Satan's music with God's music, because God's government has nothing to do with Satan's government that has negatively influenced many young people through secular music and now gospel music that has blended with it.

Watch Video, Rhythm and Rebellion-Part 1A

Watch, Rhythm and Rebellion-Part1B
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