Monday, April 30, 2012

Mary Mary Performance at The 43rd Dove Awards

mary mary perform at 43rd annual dove awards

Mary Mary Performance at The 43rd Dove Awards: Totally Secular and Hyped Up!

What do you think of the performance?

Watch video HERE

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gospel Singers Mary Mary Try Out Pole Dancing- Will It Taint Their Image?

mary mary pole dancing

In the video below, sisters Erica and Tina of the group Mary Mary attend a pole dancing class with their other sisters. Apparently, Tina decided to not participate in the class because they are 'Mary Mary' and didn't want that 'image' for the group. On the contrary, Erica feels like she is judging her and the others for doing it.

It's really very simple: Mary Mary already have an image of being upbeat, groovy, stylish and worldly. We are not sure why they Tina is trying to appear to be so holy on this note? What's the difference in singing with David Banner, or...
Read full story and see video HERE

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gospel's Canton Jones Says 'Let's Have Chuch In the Club'?

canton jones

This is a day and age where everything goes. So many people are dropping and adopting their true beliefs for these new beliefs brought to the world and to the church. Some are young and don't know their own way but some elders are allowing the hypocritical actions to slither into the church and Satan is taking control.

When we heard that Canton Jones was publicizing his song "In Da Club" and stating that if you have a relationship with God, it can't be a real one if it stops at the doors of the church. He believes, we as Christians, can reach those outside the church as well. While this true, God never told us that we were suppose to imitate the world...

Read more of the report at: AT2W

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dove Awards Airing On GMC April 24th at 8PM EST

43rd annual dove awards to air this week

We don't always get excited about many gospel events these days because they clearly seem to not focus on God but the performer and their fame. We have to say that we are looking forward to the performances only because we know they will be entertaining to some and we will be able to give our take on them

Read more at:

43rd Annual Dove Awards To Air Tuesday April 24, 2012 8PM EST | AT2W

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Watch Full Show: BET's Celebration of Gospel 2012

celebration of gospel

Ledisi sing a Traimaine Hawkins song at the 15:35 mark

Kelly Price sing tribute to Whitney Houston at the 42:00 mark

Fred Hammond sing his Love songs? at the 48:00 mark

Toni Scruggs sings... Now this lady can sing some gospel at the 01:14 mark

Read more at: Watch Full Show Celebration of Gospel 2012 | AT2W

Monday, April 2, 2012

AT2W Calls It: 'Celebration of Gospel Foolishness': Ricky Dillard and Johnny Gill [VIDEO]

ricky dillard johnny gill

Celebration of Gospel Foolishness: Ricky Dillard, New G and Johnny Gill [VIDEO]

Here's yet another year and another Celebration of Gospel Foolishness performed on BET's set. Take a look at Ricky Dillard and New G. And all we need to know is: What is Johnny Gill doing trying to sing Gospel? Or can we even all this spectacle gospel music...NOT!

Watch video at AT2W

Le'Andria Johnson Sings 'Jesus on Celebration of Gospel 2012

leandria johnson

It really does not matter what this young lady does; if she sings real gospel or something off in left field. People love her! Check out the video below and see for yourself if you agree with everyone who adores her. We wonder if she had song that gospel love song on her album here would they still feel the same?

Watch video at AT2W
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