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Mary K. Baxter: Gospel Artists Whom Live Hypocritical Lives and Ministers Whom Support Them Offend God

God does not condone hypocrisy in His Kingdom.  Gospel music is a part of God's Kingdom and those whom create songs supposedly for the glory of God offend God when they live discreet double lives.   When we heard the previous testimonies about various people whom went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ, they discussed how Jesus was offended by many ministers whom lived hypocritical lives.  Therefore, we could imagine He is neither pleased with gospel artists whom think they are entertainers and not performing to reach souls for God.  If Michael Jackson was allegedly seen burning in hell by Angelica Zambrano, then how do gospel artists whom are living hypocritical lives think they are going to avoid judgement?  Possibly, you think you can hide behind your pastor, but God and His angels is taking record of your misconduct within His Kingdom.  Therefore take heed to this article and do right before it is everlasting too late.

It does not matter how popular gospel artists are in the church or among their fans, God is watching everything they do, because it would be unfair to hold secular artists accountable for their sin and not those whom live hypocritical lives.   However, it is much worse for ministers whom are aware of their music ministers and gospel artists whom belong to their church and not rebuke them for them being involved with sin.   Gospel artists whom are involved with sinful affairs are those whom are possessed with all sorts of lustful demons.   In this day and age, there are many gospel artists whom are not honest enough to repent and cease their lustful affairs in their homosexual lifestyles, but to be very honest with you, these were the same sort of people Jesus Christ revealed to Mary K. Baxter, another minister of the gospel whom allegedly witnessed ministers burning in eternal hell and damnation.   Therefore, if gospel artists are continuing in sin, they are not exempt from judgement.   They are just as guilty as the ministers whom refuse to tell them to get right with God.   God has a time limit and all of this hypocrisy among gospel artists whom think they are just entertainers and can live lustful discreet lifestyles of fornicators, homosexuals, adulterers, child molesters or any other similar twisted affairs for as long as they want will eventually come to an end.   We will let you hear Mary K. Baxter's testimony at the end of this article, but before we do, we must continue to forewarn you that Jesus Christ is very serious about anything we do within His Kingdom and if gospel artists whom are hypocrites feel as though they are above the average sinner, they are wrong.  God wants each and every person clean within the body of Christ.  It does not matter what sort of minister you are.   Please realize if you are a gospel artist, you have a ministry and you are not excused in the eyes of God for living a sinful life.  You must live a complete holy lifestyle and avoid any conduct that is not like God.   Whatever God says is wrong in His Word, no gospel artist should ignore neither should pastors, bishops or evangelists allow them to continue as though the God's commandments do not apply to them, just because they are popular.  

When we listened to Mary K. Baxter's testimony, we instantly knew each and every individual on earth is not excused for living unholy lives.  This woman of God had so many stories to share with us and we appreciate every minute of it, because if she withheld her testimony, we would not have known all of the things we know now.   We desire for gospel artists to take heed now, before it is everlasting too late.   Stop thinking you are above those whom have been openly honest about their lustful lifestyles as though your position covers your sins.  God wants the entire body of Christ to be clean from immorality and if not, there will be millions of souls in eternal hell and damnation, a place that was originally meant for Satan and His demons.   You cannot think for another second your music is enough to win souls for Jesus Christ, absolutely not, God is looking at the lifestyle you live and how you conduct yourself as a gospel artist.   

Furthermore, it is time for saints of God whom are fans of these gospel artists to stop supporting them, as soon as they discover they have not been living a holy lifestyle.   God does not want us following those whom have led sinful lifestyles, because it is like spreading poison throughout the body of Christ.   If they are not clean and have led double lives, seek God for the right gospel artists to enjoy while being spiritually fed through song.   Do not offend God by supporting these gospel artists whom have not repented for their sinful affairs as homosexuals, fornicators, adulterers,  idolatry and even those whom have been supporting same sex marriages, lately.   They would not be able to proceed as gospel artists spreading poison in God's Kingdom, if they did not have so many fans, especially the ministers whom are some of their main financial supporters.

Although, Mary K. Baxter does not specifically mention gospel artists, everything Jesus Christ desires for ministers, also applies to them, because as a gospel artist one is responsible for spreading the message of Jesus Christ, which is a ministry. Therefore, all gospel artists should take heed before it is everlasting too late. God bless and love you in Christ.

Listen to Mary K. Baxter Testimony

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Didn't Friends of Whitney Houston, Gospel Duo Bebe and CeCe Winans Advise Whitney Not To Marry Bobby Brown?

It is just so wonderful much of the Winans clan paid their respects at the funeral of Whitney Houston.   Pastor Marvin Winans even eulogized Whitney Houston's funeral.   Well, that was no surprise, since he was the one to marry she and Bobby Brown, allegedly.  However, the question remains among those of us whom are true followers of Jesus Christ, why wasn't the man of God and gospel music artist, Pastor Marvin Winans able to see and detect the alleged evil soul of Bobby Brown?   If he did, why did he agree to proceed with the wedding at Whitney's New Jersey estate?  The one whom marries a couple ought to be able to sense trouble ahead, because he or she is closely walking with God.  We could be wrong, but it seems like because they were a celebrity couple, it could have been the main reason Pastor Marvin Winans agreed to officiate their previous wedding or possibly because he was close to the family.   Another question remains to be is this, if Bebe and CeCe Winans are truly anointed to sing gospel music, why weren't either of them able to sense Bobby Brown could have not been the right man for Whitney Houston, especially since on this following video, he claims she was mainly in awe of him being so confident to ask for her phone number? No other reason, just that Bobby Brown was very bold in approaching her for what he wanted.

It is very sad to reveal the truth after Whitney is gone, but it must be told.   If Pastor Marvin Winans already had alleged trouble in his own previous marriage to Vickie Winans, how could the marriage between any man or woman married by him be blessed to last to the end?  In this case, it turned out for the worse between Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.  Therefore, it possibly was not a good idea for him to marry them.   You know, the average preacher think they have been called by God to preach the gospel, especially in the black church among gospel artists.   But are they called to keep their own marriages together, so they can save other married couples from divorce?  We are not blaming him or even insinuating he is the cause of their breakup, we are just evaluating all the possible points.

There used to be a time when those who profess salvation would have the gift of discernment to forewarn their closet friends and family trouble was near or even many years in the future.   However, when the trend began among ministers and gospel artists to mingle with celebrities, it seem like it never stopped and lingered on into this century.   Too bad, gospel artists did not cease to desire to become celebrities themselves at a time when so many of them who were their friends passed on.  This is why God desired for us to be cautious about being yoked with unbelievers in 2 Cor. 6:14.   Although, we learned that Whitney Houston walked with God, it seemed like she could have been confused just how to do it and her friends whom were connected with the church like BeBe, CeCe and Pastor Marvin Winans should have been the ones to not only protect her, but guide her into a true life of holiness, disconnected from being a celebrity and even marrying one whom allegedly was responsible for getting her addicted to drugs.   Now, we are not saying Whitney was not a follower of Jesus Christ.  We believe she was, but there are certain people we should not marry or keep company with and possibly, precaution from the Winans siblings could have saved her life in the long run.   When one is confused on how to have a close bond with Jesus Christ and not told how He expects them to live, of course, depression will set in and cause a person to yearn anti-depressants, especially when they let go of drugs like Whitney Houston had already done.
You see this has been a prolonged danger in the gospel music industry, gospel artists became friends with celebrities, too close to forewarn them of God's possible disagreement with their decisions. Although, it was said Whitney Houston knew God, gospel artists and even a Pentecostal minister such as Pastor Marvin Winans should have had the gift to discern Bobby Brown would allegedly be the man to break her heart.   Now some of you may say, it should have been Whitney's responsibility, if she was so close to God.   That fact is very true, however, Whitney Houston was still connected to the world of celebrities and those whom came from a full gospel church should have been able to tell her the truth and not be so close as her buddy to be silent about marrying an alleged unholy man, Bobby Brown while making a wise decision to become a completely 'holy' gospel music artist.   However, how could this ever been made possible, if the Winans siblings have not shown her the true example of pure holiness?   If they were so allegedly focused on reaching stardom among black celebrities, how could they ever advise Whitney Houston how to have a complete lifestyle of holiness?  How could they ever teach Whitney Houston how choose the right man whom would not eventually break her heart?   This fact is something all three of them must live with, did were either of them true examples of righteous believers?   Also, they must think about what they could have done to prevent Whitney Houston from marrying a man whom obviously was not a born again believer.   You know, there are spiritual consequences of how they could have prevented her emotional trauma while being married to Bobby Brown.  We feel their marriage was not one designed by God and those whom claim to preach about Him and sing about Him should have been anointed enough to advise her to wait on God.   We may not know all the facts, but it seems as though God was testing the BeBe, CeCe and even Pastor Marvin Winans, to see how they would be true examples to lead Whitney Houston while being able to hear from God.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Whitney Houston Did Not Just Sing Love Songs, She Also Sang Gospel Songs Like Cissy Houston

Just for all of the ignorant people like those of the Westboro Baptist Church who are judging the life of Whitney Houston, making false claims that she sang sinful songs, Whitney Houston did not sang sinful songs.   Love songs, meant between a man and woman are not sinful.   Also, Whitney Houston did not just sang love songs, she also sang gospel songs, although she was not a gospel music artist.  All of these ignorant people whom are judging God's given queen in the history of love ballads and gospel songs, she get there facts straight.   You can also look compare Whitney Houston to Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Prince or any other alleged wild artist and see the difference.  Whitney Houston was a decent music artist who was known for singing more love ballads than pop songs and in her dedicated moments to God, she sang gospel songs.

Pastor Marvin Winans who is appointed to eulogize Whitney Houston's funeral remembers so well, not long ago as one of her concerts in Detroit, she called him upon stage to sang, 'I Go To The Rock'.   Also, since Whitney Houston's mother, Cissy Houston is a gospel artist by her own right, Whitney always sang gospel hymns, beside dedicating her life to Jesus Christ.  Yes, she walked with Jesus Christ, in spite of her failed and troubled marriage to Bobby Brown and at one time allegedly getting addicted to drugs while married to him.   Her mother who is a god-fearing woman made her leave the industry, because she allegedly told her daughter all the pain was not worth it.   You maybe wondering what type of pain?   You know the type we are dealing with right now, hearing all of the lies, regarding her life.   A lot of people in the entertainment industry played our queen's songs, but they stabbed her in the back, made mockery of her marriage, just like they are doing now, after she was found dead in the bathtub in a Beverly Hills hotel room.

Furthermore, Whitney Houston sang with Bebe and CeCe Winans, 'Hold Up The Light' , a song about upholding the light of Jesus Christ in America and 'Count on Me', which was a song she sang with her good friend, CeCe Winans about holding a friendship together.  She sang many gospel more gospel songs. Whitney Houston used to sang in church as a child, very often.  Her mother Cissy Houston is still the choir director at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J.   Therefore, she was reared under her mother's authority and when she grew up, she was just one of the many well respected superstars who was most known for love ballads, just like Anita Baker, Barry White, Johnny Gill, Luther Vandross, Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore among many others.   So all of you haters whom are mostly white supremacists and jealous black folks need to get your facts straight and stop lying on our dear sister, Whitney Houston.  She was a decent music artist whom mended men and women in relationships together, something that is much needed in this era of same sex couples.  Therefore, how could any one say her songs was sinful?  The songs Whitney Houston sang were beautiful love ballads.   God does not love Elvis, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Lohan, Cindy Lauper anymore than he loves Whitney Houston and that is why she is in the arms of Jesus Christ, which is where she said she wanted to be, just days before her death.  Also, she was heavily into the Bible, just days before her death.

May our dear sister, Whitney Houston rest in peace.   We cannot wait to see you in heaven, Whitney.
Sing Whitney!! 'I Go To The Rock'

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gospel Artist Fred Hammond’s New Music Is Pure Secular

Fred Hammond new music is pure secular

Fred Hammond is pretty proud of this new album which is reaching top ranks on the Billboard's gospel sales charts and his album debuts as #1 and also hitting #8 on the Billboard Top-200. Thanks to Elev8.com for the information on this.
But since he is officially tapping into secular music on this album, how is it being received? Well, apparently it is doing well and achieving much recognition from his fans and gospel music fans all over the world. The question is why is it being received so well?
The report provided this quote from Fred Hammond that tells a story of how some of his fans think of his project:

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New Age Gospel Artist Fred Hammond’s New Music Is Pure Secular [VIDEO] | AT2W

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

‘Gospel Goes To Hollywood’ Event?

Gospel Goes to Hollywood

“Oscar Week will never be the same,” exclaims event producer Tomeka Holyfield. “After receiving such an overwhelming response last year, in L.A., during NBA All-Star Weekend, we’re very excited to bring this event to Hollywood. It’s an awesome platform for actors, actresses, and TV and film directors/producers to share their Untold Stories of FAITH, and we’re confident of this event becoming a must attend event for years to come!”
We assume that the church and Hollywood find it fitting to come together and share stories. If the church could really do so without imitating and adopting the ways of the world, it might be an event that could be inspiring indeed. Unfortunately, this event may be...

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‘Gospel Goes To Hollywood’ Event Caters To Hollywood Believers | AT2W

Monday, February 6, 2012

UAB Gospel Choir Pays Tribute To Don Cornelius and Soul Train Secular Style [VIDEO] | AT2W

UAB Gospel Choir Pays Tribute To Don Cornelius and Soul Train [VIDEO]
The video you are about to see is why the church can get messed up and entangled in the flesh. Why would a choir sing a secular song, dance and twist with choir robes on? Why must they imitate the world yet want to bring souls into the kingdom? What an absolute mess!

The UAB Gospel Choir pays tribute to the late great Don Cornelius & Soul Train, who featured cross-over artists that performed soul...Read more:UAB Gospel Choir Pays Tribute To Don Cornelius and Soul Train Secular Style [VIDEO] | AT2W

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When Gospel Music Artists Appeared On Soul Train, Why Couldn't They Win Don Cornelius to Jesus Christ?

We are sadden that another black celebrity has one into judgement, this time because of an alleged suicide.  Don Cornelius is respected among many rich and famous African American celebrities and has even included awards at the annual Soul Train Music Awards event for gospel music artists.   Many alleged gospel artists have performed at the ceremony: Mary Mary, Bebe and CeCe Winans, Kirk Franklin, Dorinda Clark Cole, (First Lady) Karen Clark and KiKi Sheard, Donnie McClurkin and many others.   We want you to know each and every last gospel artists is assigned to ministry and should not have mingled with the secular music industry to be like them as celebrities.   Now that Don Cornelius is gone, we wonder if any of them think about how they could have witnessed to him about salvation?   There should be some sort of remorse for performing on the Soul Train Music Awards and competing to win, instead of only aiming to win Don Cornelius to surrender his soul to Jesus Christ.  If they have, praise God for it, but we doubt it.

For many years, many gospel music artists have made the mistake of struggling to gain fame and fortune without focusing on using their music to gain souls for Jesus Christ.   During their spotlight at the Soul Train music awards and even on Soul Train's televised show, we cannot help but wonder did Don Cornelius recognized and admired any sort of holiness within the spirits of gospel artists as they performed.   Of course not, because how can those who proclaim salvation act just like those within darkness?  Many of these gospel artists will have to answer to God, if they do not repent for mingling with secular black music artists and desiring to be so much like them, they may not have even offered Jesus Christ to Don Cornelius.  There has been great danger for gospel artists desiring to be more like celebrities, instead of just ministering in song for God.   Many of them, have yielded to secular music promoters like Don Cornelius instead of showing the true light of Jesus Christ and that is, to simply separate from the world and perform outside of the Devil's territory.   However, since the have not shown any difference between themselves and worldly music performers, then how could they ever tell Don Cornelius about Jesus Christ?  There would be no way for them to do so, since many have not included the name, 'Jesus' in their gospel lyrics.

Don Cornelius may not have committed suicide if there was just one minister of music to offer salvation to him.  Unfortunately, many gospel artists do not see themselves as ministers, they see themselves only as performers who are just entertaining their fans, similar to hip hop music artists like Beyonce, Jay-z, Rihanna, Kanye West and many others.   One of the main reasons why they may have failed to so so, is because they want to make the same money and receive the same recognition as celebrities.   Dear readers, God is not pleased, every year many black celebrities mingle with gospel artists are there is no excuse for any of them not see a difference and be offered to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior.   While many gospel artists were making an effort to get on the Soul Train Music Awards over the years, Don Cornelius was struggling with depression, so much he could no longer cope.   Therefore, there should have been more witnessing and less of an effort for gospel artists to prove they can perform like secular artists and become just as famous, God is not pleased.

Over the years, the Winans family, BeBe and Ce Cee Winans seem to have allegedly made an effort to be seen with some of the biggest names among black celebrities, Glady's Knight (whom was a good friend and business partner with the late Ron Winans, Anita Baker (who was on a previous recording with 'The Winans', Whitney Houston (who sang on a previous album with BeBe and CeCe Winans) and Opray Winfrey who had mingled so much with the Winans family, she allegedly was at Pastor Marvin Winans church before Ron Winans passed away.   There is no fine line between those within the gospel music industry and secular industry.  Many of them are so allegedly focused on fame and fortune and their colloboration with secular entertainers, they have forgotten this following scripture in I John 2:15 that says: 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him (or her).'   

Now we hear Mary Mary allegedly has announced they want to collaborate their music with Beyonce.  You see they did not seem like they cared about how much their fans were allegedly upset with them for going to a concert, featuring Beyonce, they allegedly became greedy and want to go a step further.  Now in March, you will even see them on their own reality show.  

Do you see what we are trying to reveal to you?   People like Don Cornelius should have never even though about suicide if gospel music artists were truly saved and revealed complete holiness and righteous.   They cannot say they feel no sort of remorse.  They should feel very bad, because their greed to make it big like secular music artists has taken the focus away from the purpose of gospel music and that purpose was never meant for any of these gospel artists to go on the Soul Train music awards to act like those whom are lost in the world of sin.  Don Cornelius may have made a way for gospel artists to be seen on his show, because of his network, but obviously he was so unhappy, he needed someone to pray and witness to him, not prove they are like he and those secular music artists he promoted over the years.   You see, the greatest mistake of the average gospel artists is they would rather be more accepted by worldly secular music artists and celebrities, than to be accepted by Jesus Christ and witness for him through their music while remaining holy as He instructed for all of us to be.  Gospel artists are always making an excuse for why they mingle and collaborate with secular music artists, claiming they are being like Jesus Christ.  Really?   Then, how could this great man, Don Cornelius go into judgement without knowing God loved him?  Obviously, he did not know because he killed himself and as you can see, his fame and fortune was not enough to make him happy.  Tell us, how can any of these gospel artists claim to know Jesus Christ, if they do not properly represent themselves or fail to witness to sinners whom happen to be black celebrities, the way He expects them to do?

In I Peter 1:16, it says this: 'Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.'

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Matthew Knowles Celebrates Music World Gospel’s 10th Anniversary

Matthew Knowles 10th Anniversary for Music World Gospel?

We were not aware that Matthew Knowles has been promoting 'his kind of gospel music' for ten years. This doesn't seem consistence with most of his promotion that occurred less than 2 years ago. If we are correct, we started seeing and hearing about his Music World Gospel soon after his daughter Beyonce' dropped him as her personal manager. This is when we started hearing of his label which we concluded was a way to compensate for Beyonce's absence.

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